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The 5 best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction, ranked

Never go into an incursion unprepared.

Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction offers a wide variety of Operators, each with unique abilities that aid you throughout the game’s missions. While most of them are at least worth trying out, some are better than others, regardless of your playstyle.

Some Operators can heal teammates, others can spot supplies through walls, while some can even disable nearby enemies. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with the number of Operators available, especially when you first start playing. Knowing which Operator to pick can lead you to success and here, we’ll go through the very best ones in the current game meta.

These are the five best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.

5. Vigil

Vigil can cloak himself temporarily.


ERC-8 Disruptor

Disrupts enemies, making him undetectable for a short duration. Can be used again after a cooldown.

Depending on the objective type, it’s easy to get overrun by Archaeans, especially on harder difficulties. That’s why it’s smart to bring Vigil along with you, as he can temporarily disable enemies to remain undetected for 10 seconds. The other nice perk is that disabled enemies become marked so it’s easy to get a sense of where they are. This ability is best used during objectives that require you to defend a point.


IQ can detect supplies through walls and obstacles.


Red MK IV Spectre

Detects REACT Equipment and more through obstacles.

One of the tricky aspects of Rainbow Six Extraction is keeping your ammo up. Certain objectives send waves of enemies at you, so it’s easy to blow through your supplies, even if you have the best aim. That’s where IQ comes in. This Operator uses a sensor to detect supply cases and even enemy devices through walls. It’s highly recommended to bring this Operator along so you always know where to find equipment and keep your supplies from running out.

3. Finka

Finka can instantly revive downed teammates.


Adrenal Surge

Temporarily boosts team response and survival. Revives any downed teammates and prevents KO.

Finka is one of the most useful Operators thanks to her abilities. She can immediately buff her teammates with 30 extra HP, while increasing their aim speed by 35 percent, and reducing enemy effect durations by 50 percent. This ability lasts 10 seconds and prevents all Operators from getting knocked out. It even revives downed teammates instantly, so it has tremendous versatilty.

2. Pulse

Detect enemy nests through walls with Pulse’s ability.


Cardiac Sensor

Detects VIPs, MIAs, and nests through obstacles.

An effective strategy during any mission is to destroy Archaean nests, which prevents more enemies from spawning. However, it can sometimes be tough to find them all due to the layout of each stage. Thankfully, Pulse has the ability to see nests through walls, making it easy to track them down. While playing as Pulse, you can even mark the nests so your teammates know where they are. After you take out all the nests, a stage is much more manageable, making Pulse a fine addition to any crew.

1. Doc

Use Doc to shoot health shots at your teammates.


Health Shots

Fires his Stim Pistol to heal 20 or revive himself or teammates when downed.

When it comes to all-around effectiveness, it’s hard to beat Doc. This Operator uses his Stim Pistol to restore 20 HP by shooting his teammates or himself. When playing as Doc, you can even revive downed teammates with the Stim Pistol, which can make a world of difference on any mission. Just make sure you don’t miss your shots since you only have three.

Rainbow Six Extraction is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC now.

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