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Everything you need to know about Rainbow Six Extraction

Don’t call it a quarantine.

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Rainbow Six Extraction is one of 2022’s first major video game releases, so for fans of competitive shooters, it’s worth paying attention to. Below, we detail everything you need to know about Ubisoft’s latest Rainbow Six spinoff. Whether you want to watch some of the latest gameplay trailers, check its release date or see the full list of Operators, we’ve got everything you need in one place.

When is the Rainbow Six Extraction release date?

In early November the official Rainbow Six Extraction Twitter account announced the game’s final release date of January 20, 2022 with a reduced price of $39 for the game’s standard edition. The publisher also announced that each copy of the game features two buddy passes that allow friends to play the full game for free for 14 days.

Is there a Rainbow Six Extraction trailer?

Yes, and there are lots of them! For the sake of brevity, we’ll just post a few of the latest ones, but there are also individual trailers tied to many of Extraction’s 18 Operators as well. We’ll link to those in the list of Operators below.

Free post-launch and endgame trailer

Rainbow Six Extraction post-launch trailer

Maps, missions, and difficulty explained

Rainbow Six Extraction maps and difficulty trailer

Official gameplay overview

Rainbow Six Extraction official gameplay overview

Gameplay deep dive reveal

Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay deep dive

What is Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay like?

It may help to think of Rainbow Six Extraction’s gameplay loop as a cross between Left 4 Dead and Rainbow Six Siege. In the game, teams of three do their best to confront a PvE alien threat known as the Archaeans. Similar to the zombies in Left 4 Dead, the Archaeans have 10 different classes and abilities. Some of them can shoot spikes, while others slow down teammates. To combat this enemy, trios will select from a list of 18 Operators that each has unique abilities of their own.

Archaeans are deadly alien threats that can come in a variety of forms.


Matches, also called Incursions, have players completing objectives across three different sub-zones of increasing difficulty. The maps are split into four distinct regions: New York City, San Francisco, Alaska, and Truth or Consequences. To make each playthrough decidedly different, objectives are assigned through a pool of 13 random tasks, with the locations for these tasks also being randomized.

In other words, trios will rarely encounter the exact same Incursion scenario twice. At the end of each objective, you’ll have the option to extract and end the match, but you’ll be rewarded less the earlier you extract. The goal, of course, is to risk it all to finish the third very difficult zone to get the highest payout.

The gameplay of Extraction is heavily influenced by Rainbow Six Siege.


The real X factor, though, are the elements added courtesy of Rainbow Six Siege. Not only are its Operators the same, but each of the maps also offers opportunities to use drones to scout out the location. Doors, walls, and entrances can also be barricaded to make defensive stands, and it’s also possible to shoot through walls. True to Siege’s hardcore nature, heath in Extraction won’t regenerate, supplies are limited, and any injuries or deaths will carry over between sub-zones. You’ll have to work as a team to ensure each task gets accomplished with the maximum amount of teammates surviving.

What’s the list of Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction?

As described above, Rainbow Six Extraction features 18 different Operators with varied abilities. Here’s the list of Operators we know so far. Use the links to watch a video explaining their skills.

  • Doc: Stim pistol delivers health, and he can revive downed teammates.
  • Ela: Grzmot Mine is sticky bomb that stuns. She’s also resistant to concussion effects.
  • Pulse: Can locate heartbeats through walls. Use the HB-7 to find nests and hot zones.
  • Alibi: Prisma Holograms can be used as decoys, and holograms reveal locations of attackers.
  • Finka: Adrenal Surge boosts team health, reduces recoil, and increases ADS speed. Downed teammates are also revived and prevented from being knocked out.
  • Hibana: X-Kairos Launcher has sticky charges that detonate remotely on enemies or walls.
  • Lion: EE One-D drone detects enemies in radius, even through walls.
  • Sledge: Tactical Hammer breaks through walls, can melee enemies, and can stun them.
  • Vigil: ERC 8 Disruptor makes him temporarily invisible to enemies, allowing him to use stealth.
  • IQ
  • Jager: Active Defense System automated turret can be placed. It attacks enemies and stops projectiles. Turrets can be stacked.
  • Rook
  • Fuze
  • Smoke: Z9 gas grenades with remote detonation. Enemies can’t see you through the gas cloud.
  • Tachanka
  • Capitao
  • Gridlock: Track Stingers are spike traps that sting foes to damage and slow them down.
  • Nomad: Airjab Launcher fires projection mines at the enemy to knock them back or place them in advance.

Is Rainbow Six Extraction on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes! On January 5 Microsoft announced that Rainbow Six Extraction will be downloadable on Game Pass on day one. It doesn’t matter whether you have Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, or Game Pass Ultimate.

What are the Rainbow Six Extraction editions?

Here are all the perks found in the Deluxe Edition of Rainbow Six Extraction.


There are two editions for Rainbow Six Extraction: a $39 standard edition and a $49 Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition includes these unique perks.

  • Obscura Pack: Includes some weapon skins and charms
  • Noxious Touch Pack: Which includes a uniform and headgear for Alibi, as well as other cosmetics.
  • React Strike Pack: 10 percent discount in the in-game store and four Crisis Boosts.

All pre-orders for the game also include the Orbital Decay Bundle, which has headgear and a uniform for Lion and Finka. There’s also a Vaporized weapon skin and Crashlander charm. If you own Rainbow Six Siege you can also unlock $40 worth of cosmetics and 18 Operators for use in both titles.

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