PS5 restock: Target, PlayStation Direct, Best Buy, and more late January inventory

If you want to get a PS5 before the month is over, this is where you need to look.

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The PlayStation 5 is still in high demand more than two months after its launch, and demand probably won't slow down anytime soon. With a strong year of exclusives on the horizon, many people are still trying to secure a PS4 console before the launch of games like Returnal, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and Horizon Forbidden West.

If you're one of those people, you need to be using the right online shopping tools and looking at the right retailers to get a PlayStation console soon! This is where you should be looking if you want to get a PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition in January 2021.

PlayStation Direct

One of the most reliable but time-consuming ways to get a PS5 is from PlayStation Direct. With this method, you're buying a system directly from Sony. That said, you'll have to keep an eye on when it goes live every week and hop in a long queue just for the opportunity to get a console. Once you get through, snagging a console for yourself is pretty simple.

Best Buy

As a leading tech retailer, Best Buy is a retailer a lot of people may look to for restocks. At this time, the retailer's next PS5 restock has not been announced. Still, you can keep an eye on their PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition store pages.



Target has reliably restocked PS5 consoles, both in-store and online, ever since the system's November 2020 launch. You can use Popfindr to see if any Target stores near you have stock, especially since Target briefly restocked the PS5 systems on January 20

Monitor and set notifications for their PS5 page and PS5 Digital Edition page if you really want to get one, as you might have another chance to get the systems there this week.


As the biggest retailer in the United States, Walmart has had lots of PS5 stock since its launch. Still, the system has sold out quickly every time it's made available due to the demand. While Walmart has not said when its next major online restock will be, they restock fairly frequently.

You should bookmark their PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition pages, even if the latter shows an error message right now.


As the main gaming retailer, GameStop is another reliable source for PS5 restocks. The last major GameStop restock was on January 7, and while nothing has been announced another major restock could be on the horizon. While you'll have a lot of competition when trying to buy from them, definitely keep restock notifications on for their PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition store pages.

Sam's Club

Sam's Club is a membership-based retailer. As such, you'll have less competition when trying to get a PS5 but will have to buy a more expensive bundle. These bundles typically cost around $640 and contain an extra controller and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition.

While no bundles are available now, some were available the night of January 18. Keep an eye on the online store for Sam's Club and you might be able to snag a PS5 bundle the next time it's available.


Like Sam's Club, Kohl's also only offers PS5 bundles that come with an extra controller and Spider-Man. They've also been more unreliable in the past and have canceled PS5 orders. No official date or time for their next restock has been shared yet, but it's worth keeping an eye on Kohl's if you truly want to get a PS5 from anywhere.

Sony Rewards

Another way people have gotten systems through Sony is the Sony Rewards site that allows players to accrue points and redeem them for movies, games, music, and hardware. They sold some PS5s on January 15. While the systems quickly sold out, Sony promised to restock soon and will let people know on Twitter when that is happening.

PlayStation Wholesale and other sites to avoid

If you're having trouble finding a PlayStation 5 or PS5 Digital Edition, you'll probably be tempted to get it from websites that aren't as trustworthy. PlayStation Wholesale, for example, is a site that looks deceptively legit. But it is sketchy and not a website that you can trust with your credit card info.

Meanwhile, PS5 systems have flooded online storefronts like eBay and third-party seller sections of Amazon. While these are more trustworthy than something like PlayStation Wholesale, if you buy a PS5 from a third-party you will likely pay a lot over its asking price of $499. If you can, try to get it from a retailer when it's available and not a scalper.

Popfindr, OctoShop, and Twitter Accounts to find PS5 consoles

While you can just constantly refresh the websites of the aforementioned retailers, there are some other tools that can make finding a next-gen console a much easier process. When it comes to Twitter accounts that notify players about restocks, @Wario64, @Spieltimes, and @PS5StockAlerts are reliable.

Lots of people follow those accounts though, so it can still be tough to secure one by following them. Using dedicated websites and apps could give you a slight edge in finding PS5s. We've mentioned PopFindr, which checks the inventory of local stores for those that want to get a system in-person. If you're buying online though, we recommend the Google Chrome extension OctoShop.

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