PS5 restock: GameStop, Best Buy, Walmart, and PS Direct October 2021 inventory

Finding a PS5 nearly a year later still isn’t any easier.

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The PS5 has been “out” for nearly a year, but finding one remains tremendously difficult. This is due to a number of factors including chip shortages that make it difficult to keep up with demand. The system has gone in and out of stock across many retailers throughout the past year but typically sells out almost instantly. Fortunately, there are several retailers we recommend keeping an eye on, and there are some digital tools you can use to help you on your quest for a PS5. As we hurtle towards the holiday season, here’s what you need to know about getting a PS5 in October 2021.

Octoshop, Popfindr, and other tools

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One of the best things you can do to find a PS5 this holiday season is to use Chrome Extensions to your advantage. Octoshop is a great choice, as it notifies you when restocks become available across numerous retailers.

Likewise, PopFindr works well and is geared towards buying products in person. Using it will notify you when nearby retailers receive PS5 stock.

There are also numerous Twitter accounts we advise following, such as PS5StockAlterts, SpielTimes, and Wario64. It’s recommended to turn notifications on for these accounts so you know exactly when PS5 stock goes live and where.

PlayStation Direct

Since the PS5 was released, PlayStation Direct has consistently offered the system to users who have a PSN account. Now, you can sign up for the opportunity to be invited to purchase one when they become available. Sony will select users who register based on “previous interests and PlayStation activities.” It’s unclear what that means exactly, but we do know the invites will roll out in November, as relayed to us by PCMag.

Aside from that, Sony frequently opens queues to purchase PS5 systems on a first come first serve basis. These queues are tough to work with since it’s down to luck, but they’re worth trying. The last PlayStation Direct queue went live available on September 28.


Target recently had PS5s in stock on October 1, so you shouldn’t expect to see more for a couple more weeks. A major issue is that Target was notorious for canceling PS5 orders, so it might be best to have a backup planned.

Throughout 2021, Target has offered PS5 frequently, both in-person and online. Though, like many retailer websites, it tends to crash when PS5s are in stock, so keep that in mind as you shop. You might have better luck in person, perhaps in a couple weeks.


GameStop hasn’t had PS5 stock for several weeks, but it has consistently offered bundles since the system was first released. The retailer started selling Xbox Series X systems but only for its PowerUp Rewards Pro members, so it’s possible it’ll do the same for PS5s in the near future.

The retailer hasn’t had PS5s since September 28, but it’s likely more will go live later in October. Out of all the retailers on this list, GameStop has been one of the most consistent in terms of PS5 availability.


Walmart is one of those sites that, on paper, seems like a great way to get a PS5, but in practice, hardly yields any results. The retailer last had PS5 stock on September 23 and is known for letting its customers know when more will be available.

The thing is, the Walmart website frequently crashes or doesn’t load PS5s into the cart, making it tough to actually buy one. Still, using Walmart is worth a shot, especially since the retailer offers PS5s so frequently. It’s a good idea to follow the company on Twitter with notifications turned on so you know as soon as PS5s are available.


Although Amazon is typically a one-stop shop for most items, PS5s have never been common on the site. In the past, they’ve been restocked every month or so, but PS5s typically sell out almost instantly, so we wouldn’t recommend placing all your eggs in this basket.

Amazon did have PS5 stock on September 21, so it’s likely the company will offer more at the end of October. It helps if you utilize the aforementioned Chrome extensions to increase your odds.


We highly recommend skipping Newegg when searching for a PS5, since the retailer hasn’t had them available since April 2021. The company implemented a lottery system for its customers to have a chance at getting a PS5, but hasn’t done that in months.

Outside of that, you can sign up for an account and register for PS5 stock notifications, which is worth doing. Just don’t solely rely on Newegg to get your new system because the retailer doesn’t usually have them in stock.

Best Buy

Best Buy was in hot water with potential buyers, as the company had PS5s available...but only for its Totaltech members, which comes at an annual $200 annual fee (on top of the cost of a PS5). Aside from that, the retailer did have PS5s restocked on October 11 and has offered them frequently throughout 2021.

The main issue is getting the Best Buy website to cooperate. Every time PS5s are available online, the site seems to crash frequently. Still, Best Buy has stock available often, you just have to get lucky to grab one.


Antonline has been surprisingly consistent with PS5 availability in 2021. The company frequently has bundles available, with accessories and games you might want to buy anyway. Some of them can get pricey, at around $650 or more, but given how rare PS5s are, paying retail price is better than eBay costs.

The company had stock available as recently as September 23, so it’s a good idea to start checking in towards the end of October, as Antonline might have more available then.

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