PS5 Consoles Are Finally on Sale — No Annoying Bundle Required

Better late than never.

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PS5 Sale

Since the PS5’s release in 2020, the only sales on Sony’s spiffy new console have come in the form of bundles that have shaved a few dollars off (such as the God of Wår Ragnarok bundle that launched in 2022).

But now, the PS5 system has finally received a standalone sale in the United States (and UK), nearly three years after its initial release. While the discount isn’t massive, it may be enough for some consumers who’ve been on the fence about diving in.

The PS5 has finally become readily available in stores, which has not been the case for the majority of the system’s lifecycle thus far. Supply constraints caused them to be difficult to find, even two years after the system’s launch.

Currently, a handful of retailers are offering a standalone PS5 at a discount, but it’s possible more merchants will follow suit shortly. Below, we’ll list the retailers currently carrying PS5s at a discount.


GameStop is currently the only retailer with discounted PS5s in stock.


GameStop is a great option currently, as the retailer is selling both versions of the PS5: The Standard version, and the Digital edition without a disc drive.

It’s important to note that the prices above are for non-Pro members. GameStop’s Pro membership actually saves you an additional 5 percent when purchasing a PS5, so it’s possible to get the system for even less. Keep in mind, it does cost $25 per year for the Pro membership.

These systems are available to pick up in-store or order online.


It’s possible more retailers will begin selling discounted PS5 systems.


In the US, Monoprice had the Standard Edition PS5 available for $50 off — which is actually $10 less than the cost at GameStop — but it sold out. It’s possible the retailer will restock the system shortly, so it’s best to keep checking the link below.

Interestingly, Monoprice doesn’t seem to offer the Digital Edition PS5 on its website at all.


You can buy the Standard Edition PS5 directly from PlayStation at a discounted rate. The website does offer the Digital Edition PS5, but it’s not discounted.

Keep in mind, the discount is available until August 20, 2023.


Target also has various PS5 systems available on sale right now, including the Standard Edition, the God of War Ragnarok bundle, and the Final Fantasy XVI bundle — each of which are $50 off.

The website notes that these deals expire on August 12, 2023.


You can get the Standard Edition PS5 at Walmart for $51 off right now, making it the best deal across all major retailers.

Best Buy

Like some of the other retailers, Best Buy only has the Standard Edition and corresponding bundles available for $50 off. The Digital Edition is not on sale.

The site doesn’t specify how long the deal lasts, but we can assume it’ll be available for the next week or so.

Other retailers

Currently, GameStop, Target, Walmart, Monoprice, Sony, and Best Buy are selling discounted PS5s, and it’s possible other retailers will, as well. We will update this article if any additional retailers have discounted PS5s in stock, but for now, there are plenty of options.

The PS5 is available now.

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