Control developer could be making Alan Wake 2 as a PS5 exclusive for Sony

The developer behind Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Control is allegedly working on a PS5 exclusive.

Sony hasn't revealed any PS5 exclusive just yet, but if new rumors turn out to be true, one of the first could be coming from Remedy Entertainment, the critically acclaimed Swedish developer known for Quantum Break and Control. According to one analyst's report, all signs point to this Remedy developing a sequel to one of the studio's most beloved games.

Swedish analyst firm Redeye released a report on March 18 analyzing the strength of video game stocks as an investment during the coronavirus pandemic, and in a section analyzing Remedy in particular, Redeye theorizes that a formal partnership between the game developer and Sony might be announced soon.

"We ... believe a significant partnership agreement with Sony is a catalyst for the stock and could be imminent," the report reads, implying that now is a good time to invest in Remedy stock ahead of the announcement.

Given the ongoing success of Remedy's Control and the cult following of Alan Wake, a sequel to either game could happen as a PS5 exclusive if this partnership comes to fruition. Upcoming Control DLC could lead to an Alan Wake crossover that ultimately sets up whatever this next game is, but where is Redeye getting their information?

The upcoming Control DLC titled "The Foundation" was initially announced as a timed PS4 exclusive. After hitting PS4 and PC on March 26, it won't be available on Xbox One for three months, solidifying a stronger partnership between Remedy and Sony.

Segment Next noticed earlier in March that one of Remedy's lead producers, Alexis Guariguta, had changed his LinkedIn profile to include "XDEV + CoDev" as part of his job title. (XDEV is the branch of Sony that collaborates with independent studios in Europe.) Several months prior in May 2019, Shuhei Yoshida — head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios at the time — visited Remedy to play Control several months before the game's launch. By November 2019, Yoshida had pivoted to lead "a newly formed initiative that will focus on nurturing external independent creators," according to an official Sony press release.

Push Square theorized in September 2019 that Sony was looking to acquire more game studios similar to the acquisition of Insomniac Games, and Remedy made their list. Remedy does have a close history of closely collaborating with Microsoft on games like the first Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and the upcoming FPS Crossfire — but the evidence seems to be lining up.

What is Remedy Entertainment's PS5 exclusive?

Sony and Remedy Entertainment could already have plans for a PS5-exclusive title. The most likely candidate is Alan Wake 2.

While the original was a Microsoft-published Xbox exclusive, Remedy Entertainment bought back the rights to the cult classic franchise in 2019 and has consistently expressed interest in returning to the franchise. The upcoming Control DLC even hints at in-universe crossover potential. For Sony to snag Alan Wake 2 as a PS5 exclusive would be a total power move.

Redeye's report also noted that Control "will soon reach the 1 million copies sold milestone," so it's also entirely possible that Sony may want to acquire the exclusive publishing rights so the company can release Control 2 as a PS5 exclusive.

Another possible option is the mysterious multiplayer live service project Vanguard that's been in the works since 2018. Sony's first-party specialty is in intricate single-player games, so adding some multiplayer games to the Sony-published PS5 lineup would also be a wise move. There's also the possibility that Remedy Entertainment could be creating a cool new IP that Sony wants a piece of, but we won't know for sure until this collaboration is confirmed and announced.

The Inverse Analysis

Remedy Entertainment creates excellent games rooted in narrative, which has seemed like a focus for Sony for years no. Collaborating on a PS5 exclusive would be a solid fit for both companies. There's a lot of circumstantial evidence to suggest that this partnership is real and some kind of announcement imminent, (perhaps with the release of the first Control DLC?) making the prospects of Alan Wake 2 more likely than ever. If this partnership is happening, we will probably learn about it when Sony decides to actually start showing off games for PS5 beyond just technical specs.

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