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Pokémon Unite tier list: 23 Pokémon ranked after the Blastoise update

Which Pokémon is the champion?

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Choosing your monster(s) is always the most important decision you make in any Pokémon game, and Pokémon Unite is no different.

This MOBA, or multiplayer online battle arena, is a real-time strategy game where two teams of characters face off against each other. In this case, they are Pokémon from one of five different battle types: Attacker, Speedster, Defender, All-Arounder, and Supporter. Each Pokémon has a distinct moveset that determines their advantages and disadvantages.

Currently, 23 Pokémon are available in the game. This is how they rank.


23. Venusaur

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Venusaur is just outclassed by every other attacker and even some Pokémon from other classes when it comes to dealing damage. You can still do okay with Venasaur, but you’re better off picking almost any other Pokémon in any situation.

22. Charizard

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This fan-favorite Pokémon can deal a lot of damage, making it useful in the early game. After that, it gets outclassed by other all-rounders due to its slow speed and mediocre moves.

21. Talonflame

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Talonflame is the least viable of the Speedsters. It must compete with some of the best Pokémon in the game, and you can still do quite a bit with it in lower ranks or a not competitive match. There are much better choices for your team’s Speedster, though.


20. Greninja

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Greninja can be a major threat in the right hands, but it's hard to use for newcomers. It’s pretty weak within the early game, and for an Attacker, its moves are much more situational.

19. Slowbro

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Slowbro can stall teams well, but it’s outclassed by the other Defenders who are better at completely stopping the opponents in their tracks or dealing more damage back.

18. Garchomp

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In the late game, Garchomp is amazing because of how powerful it is. That said, it takes forever to level up, and its pre-evolutions are outclassed in the early game. If you plan on evolving into Garchomp as quickly as possible, it’s a good choice. Otherwise, it’s better to choose another All-Arounder.

17. Gardevoir

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Like Garchomp, Gardevoir can be quite a force to be reckoned with in the late game thanks to its strong special attacks. That said, it’s quite weak as a Raltz and Kirlia, so you can struggle to get early momentum going. It’s not a terrible choice, but not a particularly great one either.

16. Lucario

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Lucario’s strength makes it a huge threat in the early game and pairs well with other strong attackers. As other Pokémon level up and evolve, they will catch up to Lucario in strength, though it can still hold its own if you play well.

15. Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime

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Mr. Mime’s Barrier is really annoying to deal with. If you want to push the opposing team back as your allies push forward, it’s a solid pick. That said, Defenders fill the same role, leaving this Supporter slightly outclassed.


14. Blastoise

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Blastoise was added to the game on September 1, so it remains to be seen what his ultimate place in the meta is. This Pokémon is surprisingly strong for a Defender, as it deals damage and moves around the field quickly with moves like Surf and Rapid Spin. It’s not as great at being tank as Pokémon like Snorlax or Blissey, but Blastoise has a lot of potential.

13. Machamp

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All-Arounder is a good battle type for Machamp as it’s a strong attacker that can keep the pressure on your opponents in the lanes. Other Pokémon have more specific uses, but if you’re looking for a solid, mid-ranking Pokémon that can deal a solid amount of damage, Machamp is a fine choice.

12. Pikachu

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Pikachu is the Pokémon the game teaches you to use in the tutorials. As its skills are useful and easy to understand, it’s a solid pick for anyone starting out.

11. Crustle

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Crustle is still relatively underutilized, but it is fantastic at completely walling Pokémon with moves like Rock Tomb. You can’t be as aggressive with this Defender, but if you purely want to play defense, it’s the best in the game at that.

10. Gengar

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Gengar is frequently used and can deal a lot of damage during the mid-to-late game. If you run it with a Sludge Bomb and Hex Combo, you can debuff and quickly kill any opponents who might annoy your allies.


9. Wigglytuff

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Wigglytuff had a slow start, but now sees a surprising amount of usage in ranked as it’s a solid, tanky support Pokémon that can take hits and debuff enemies with its moves. Try this one out if you’ve been ignoring it so far!

8. Eldegoss

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Eldegoss is the designated healer of Pokémon Unite. In the game, where HP recovery can take a while, having a healer on your side is beneficial. It can fend for itself with moves like Seed Bomb too.

7. Blissey

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This Supporter is surprisingly good. While Eldegoss can heal, Blissey can serve as a tank and deal decent damage in addition to that. If you want a healer on your team that can also fend for itself, then you’ll want to give Blissey a shot.

6. Alolan Ninetales

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Alolan Nintetales is a long-range attacker that slows opposing Pokémon down with a majority of its moves. Delivering serious damage while debuffing opponents so your allies can get their attacks in is an important niche, even if other Pokémon are faster or deal a bit more damage.

5. Cinderace

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Cinderace is one of the best Pokémon in the game when it comes to purely dealing damage. Using Fient to become temporarily invincible and burning other Pokémon with its attacks makes Cinderace one of the strongest Pokémon players can use.

4. Absol

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Absol is fast and powerful. In the early game especially, it will win almost any matchup and deal a lot of critical hits.


3. Snorlax

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Snorlax is a Defender that can take a lot of damage and also deal it right back with strong moves like Heavy Slam. This unique mix makes it a viable choice for playing offensively and defensively, making it a viable choice for any type of player.

2. Cramorant

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Cramorant is an underrated choice, and it’s currently my main in Pokémon Unite. It deals lots of damage from a long-range, and its Whirlpool attack can give you an edge over almost any other opponent in the early game. Its turret-like attacks help keep the pressure on as the match comes to a close. The worst thing about it is that the next Pokémon counters it.

1. Zeraora

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While he has gotten nerfed, Zeraora is a great choice when you’re going into a match. It’s fast and powerful, and its Unite Move deals recurring damages to anyone who dares to get close to it. It is a must-use on any Pokémon Unite team.

Pokémon Unite is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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