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Everything we know about Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

Get ready, trainers.

Pokémon is more than just a video game. The franchise has spawned countless movies, manga, mobile apps, TV shows, and merchandise lines since it first took the world by storm in 1996. One of the earliest spinoffs of the popular video games was the Pokémon Trading Card Game, which has a devoted following and regularly receives new updates and packs.

Despite its enduring popularity, the card game hasn’t always translated well to video games or mobile apps. The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online, which launched back in 2011, was a mess. Now, The Pokémon Company is trying again with Pokémon Trading Card Game Live. Here’s what we know about the new app.

When will Pokémon Trading Card Game Live be released?

The Pokémon Company has not provided an exact release scheduled for Pokémon TCG Live, simply noting the app is coming “soon.” But in a November 2021 tweet, the official account confirmed a delay to 2022.

The Pokémon Company plans a soft launch for mobile devices like Android and iPhone in Canada paired with a global open beta for PC and Mac.

Is there a Pokémon Trading Card Game Live trailer?

Yes! You can watch it below.

The trailer doesn’t contain many crucial details. We get to see a handful of presumably player-created characters like “Gene,” “Amy,” and Mitch. It moves on to show that players can enjoy the game on both PC and Mobile devices and promises that the game will follow the actual TCG rules.

When will Pokémon TCG Live be released on Nintendo Switch?

Pokémon TCG Live is not currently announced for Nintendo Switch. It likely won’t come to consoles. The last Pokémon TCG game to reach consoles was the 2014 3DS virtual console release of Pokémon Trading Card Game for Game Boy Color. As rare as it is for a new Pokémon TCG game, it’s even rarer for them to come to consoles.

Don’t hold your breath for Pokémon TCG Live on Switch.

How much will Pokémon Trading Card Game Live cost?

Pokémon TCG Live will be a free-to-play game.

Can you use your Pokémon TCG Online profile?

If you’re currently active on Pokémon TCG Online, you’ll be able to keep your profile when the new game comes out. All you need to do is make sure to log into the new game with the same Trainer Club account. However, there are some limitations to what cards from your collection will be usable.

At launch, you’ll be able to carry over everything from Pokémon TCG Online, except for cards from the HeartGold & SoulSilver series. Slightly later cards, like those from the Black & White series can be transferred, but they won’t be playable at launch. When it’s first available, the game will support every pack released after November 2018’s Lost Thunder set.

How the battle pass will look in-game.

The Pokémon Company

Is there a Pokémon Trading Card Game Live battle pass?

Pokémon TCG Live, unfortunately, has a battle pass and other things commonplace in free-to-play games.

There are three in-game currencies:

  • Coins – used to obtain apparel and emotes for your avatar, and deck customizations such as deck boxes and card sleeves. Coins are earned by completing quests, leveling up, and increasing your rank.
  • Credits – Obtained initially by transferring your Pokémon TCG online profile. Credits can also be earned by achieving various milestones Pokémon TCG Live. You can use them to obtain singular cards missing from your collection.
  • Crystals – used to purchase booster packs, promo cards, and bundles in the in-game shop. Crystals can also be used to purchase the Premium Pass in-game.

What features does Pokémon Trading Card Game Live include?

You’ll be able to get more cards in the game by purchasing actual Pokémon TCG booster packs, which will contain exclusive codes to be redeemed in-game.

Trading is gone for now. Although it won’t be available, Pokémon TCG Live will still feel extremely connected to others. You’ll be able to play with random people online or challenge your friends, using either custom or pre-built decks. Pokémon TCG Live aims to appeal to both casual and hardcore fans.

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