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How to make every new Poké Ball in Pokémon: Isle of Armor

Unleash the power of the Apricorn.

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The Cramo-o-matic from Pokemon: Isle of Armor

The very special Apricorn Balls return to Pokémon Sword and Shield for the first time since the Johto games, Heart Gold and Soul Silver, making them a hot commodity for social currency like Shiny Raid fees. With the recently released Isle of Armor expansion, Apricorn Balls are more farmable than ever before.

Here's how to craft Apricon Balls, along with Safari and Sport Balls.

How to farm Apricorns in Isle of Armor

To make Apricorn Balls and the various other special balls, you first need to collect Apricorns, multi-colored berry-like items found around the island.

Tree Shaking


There are two methods you can use to obtain them. You can shake berry trees that you spot on your travels. Each shake has a chance of garnering you an Apricorn of any color or a berry. You can always shake a berry tree at least once before it starts to produce a wiggle of its own. This wiggle means that you've begun to disturb the Pokémon living in the tree. Time every shake after the first during that wiggle's lull to continue harvesting the tree. If a Pokémon attacks you from being too rough with the tree, you'll lose all your produce.

The second method is to speak to a woman (pictured below) in a blue shirt found around the Isle of Armor. For 100 Watts, which you can farm rather easily, she'll give you four Apricorns of the same color. She'll begin facilitating this trade after you've seen every Pokémon in Isle of Armor's Pokédex. Until then, she'll show you a Pokémon you haven't seen when you interact with her. To expedite the time taken to see every Pokémon, make sure you speak to Hop in the dojo every day. Hop also tries to help by showing you new Pokémon.

Blue-shirted Ally


Once you've collected at least four Apricorns, you can try your hand at creating Apricorn Balls. Head to the Cramo-o-matic in the dojo, the mechanical marvel that looks just like a Crammorant found to the right of Honey.

How to properly use the Cramo-o-matic

Isle of Armor's new crafting system has tons of uses. You can use it to combine four of the same high-value item like Pearls, Nuggets, and Star Pieces to always earn the step up from those, being Pearl Strings, Big Nuggets, and Star Dust, respectively. You can also combine four Bottle Caps (which each max out IVs on a single stat) to make a Gold Bottle Cap that can be used to max IVs out on every stat.

Most importantly, you can use the Cramo-o-matic to obtain special balls like Apricorn Balls, Sport Balls, and Safari Balls. The success rate of this process isn't as clear obtaining single items, but it's doable nevertheless. Thanks to YouTuber AustinJohnPlays and Pokémon mega-site Serebii, there are concrete details on how this process works.

Firstly, you need four Apricorns of any color to start the crafting process. Each Apricorn color has access to a distinct possible ball result pool. The more Apricorns you use of the same color, the higher likelihood that if you do get an Apricorn ball it will be one from that color's pool. Additionally, it's believed that every Apricorn combination has an equal chance to create either a Sport or Safari Ball. You can see the entire combination chart below. The Cramo-o-matic's result will exude a shiny aura if you can successfully produce an Apricorn Ball.


Using this, you should eventually be able to obtain the Apricorn Ball of your dreams. If this seems too hectic, an alternative method is to consciously beat the Elite Four. Each time you emerge victorious, there's a random chance that you'll receive an Apricorn ball. The Pokémon Company is also known to occasionally distribute Apricorn Balls. If you're patient your desired balls will arrive, eventually.

Pokémon: Isle of Armor is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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