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Where to find all 3 Will Seeds in Persona 5 Royal's Futaba Palace

Collect all three Will Seeds at Futaba's Palace, the Pyramid of Wrath, to claim a special prize.

One of the most intriguing new additions to Persona 5 Royal that justifies purchasing the $60 game a second time are Will Seeds. These are three collectible skulls available in every palace, and if you can collect all three in any given palace, then you’ll receive a unique accessory that's better than anything else available. The item can later be upgraded by visiting Jose in Mementos.

Luckily for you, if you’re at the game’s fourth Palace run by Futaba, we’ve already found all the Will Seeds and can tell you exactly where to go.

Red Will Seed Location in Futaba's Palace


Where to find the Red Will Seed of Wrath in Futaba’s Palace

As you’re traversing the Pyramid’s Great Corridor, you’ll be asked to make three detours into nearby chambers. The first of those is to the Chamber of Rejection. When you enter the Chamber of Rejection, after doing a cool grappling hook move, take a hard right and enter a boxy room on your map. Once inside the room, take another right, jumping atop a sarcophagus or two to reach an upper level.

There will be a treasure chest in your field of vision. Head towards it, then turn right. Leap up another sarcophagus or two to find the Red Will Seed of Wrath.

Green Will Seed of Wrath Location


Where to find the Green Will Seed of Wrath in Futaba’s Palace

After completing the Chamber of Guilt’s massive puzzle, a cutscene will show that a red door has opened. Head through the door. You’ll see a treasure chest and a few shadows. Right down the hall from the treasure chest, a Will Seed will be awaiting you.

There’s no puzzle or enemy standing in your path. The Green Will Seed just there, unguarded in plain sight.

Blue Will Seed of Wrath Location


Where to find the Blue Will Seed of Wrath in Futaba’s Palace

In the third offshoot of the Great Corridor, the Chamber of Sanctuary, you’ll find Futaba’s Blue Will Seed of Wrath. This will be located shortly after the Chamber’s mini-boss. You’ll traverse a few hologram square platforms. Take a left in the middle to approach a room with a few scaffolded statues in the center. Go onto the head of the nearest one, look to your left to grapple up to a platform, follow the path until you reach the room’s exit.

Turn around and you’ll see another statue head nearby — jump on it, then jump onto a normal platform, then onto another head. On the second head, look above you to find a grapple-able platform. Grapple to it and you’ll reach the Will Seed room, which will be guarded by a shadow. They’re weak to fire attacks, so make sure to have Ann in your party for the battle.

Once they’re defeated, the Blue Will Seed of Wrath is yours.

Reward for collecting Futaba’s Will Seeds of Wrath

After collecting the trio of Will Seeds, you’ll be given the Crystal of Wrath, which grants the user increased agility. By taking it to Jose after finishing Futaba’s Palace, it can be upgraded to the Ring of Wrath, adding the ability Amrita Shower, which cures the party of all status ailments.

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