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One Outriders Technomancer build nearly breaks the game

Who needs meta?

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The Technomancer supports toxic gameplay.

There are four classes available in Outriders like the close-ranged Trickster or fiery Pyromancer. Your in-game role changes based on your chosen class. As a Technomancer in Outriders, you can use devices like turrets to help you defeat enemies.

This build reveals that the biggest technological advancement of all is through a good old-fashioned punch. The best Outriders Technomancer build available doesn’t need any bells or whistles of legendary equipment or Tier 3 mods. This setup just needs you to put Class Points into the Demolisher sub-class and go wild. You’ll be able to melee attack any foe while emitting AoE (Area of Effect) toxic damage to those nearby.

Here’s what you need to build it.

The best Demolisher Technomancer build in Outriders

This build was taken from u/Ashuslol on Reddit. It was developed because Ashuslol claims to be terrible at aiming, so this build instead directs you to target the biggest and baddest foe near you with melee attacks and Scrapnel. Your AoE damage will do the tough work for you, making it so you don’t have to worry about missing a shot or two. You’ll be backed up by your turret. Everything will be in your control.

To make this build happen, it’s recommended that you follow this skill tree:

The ideal Technomancer build.

People Can Fly

This build allows some freedoms in structure. You can make a few tweaks here and there to assure that it works for your playstyle. If you do make alterations, make sure that you include these three essential skills:

  1. Scrapnel – Throw a shrapnel bomb
  2. Blighted Turret – Automated turret that inflicts Toxic on each hit
  3. Tools of Destruction – Summon a rocket launcher

These three skills will let you deal heavy damage from a distance, so you don’t always have to get up close and personal. They’ll act as the support for the melee-centric playstyle this build requires.

When it comes to gear, scour the world for armor pieces that enhance either Anomaly or Status power. For the third ability, look for either Cooldown Reduction or Life Leech. The creator of this build repeatedly visited the blue armor vendor in Trench Town then upgraded the acquired gear. This build might be enhanced by better armor, but it’s not necessary. You also don’t need an incredible gun. Try using a weapon that either helps spread status effects or lowers enemy resistance. You can survive the endgame of Outriders with gear that might be considered “second-rate” if you use this build.

If you do want to improve the build with stronger items, it’s recommended that you use the Tier 3 mod titled Euthaniser, which provides an added 25 percent damage against an enemy infected by Toxic.

According to this build’s creator, you should be able to best Challenge Tier 15 by your lonesome when using this build.

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