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How to Complete the Vital Octopath Traveler II Stolen Goods Side Quest

Lost and found.

Octopath Traveler II Stolen Goods NPC
Square Enix

With eight main stories that span dozens of hours, there is no lack of content in Square Enix’s latest retro-inspired RPG, Octopath Traveler II. Yet, for those who want it, there are plenty of side stories to experience. While the world of Solistia is a fascinating place to explore, the game can be a grind-fest, which is where these side stories come in handy. An early quest to pick up is called Stolen Goods — here is how to solve the search.

To find the Stolen Goods quest, you need to travel to the town of Orerush. This is in the wildlands on the western continent of Solistia. It is also the starting town for the Merchant Partitio. In the town center to the easternmost part of the map, just before heading into the Abandoned Silver Mine, you will encounter an NPC with an orange dialogue bubble signaling that he has a side quest available for you.

Help this poor guy out.

Square Enix

Gasp! He has had all of his goods stolen by a deceitful ne'er-do-well claiming to be a respectable businessman. If only there was somebody around who could help him out. Oh wait, that's us!

The first step in completing this side quest is to locate where the stolen goods are being held. If you go north from Orerush’s town center into the Foundry area you will be in the right neighborhood. Almost immediately upon entering the foundry, you can turn left and find a man standing guard in front of the door to a little cabin. If you enter into dialogue with him, he will mention this is a storehouse he uses for all of the goods that he acquired through legal means.

Now I’m not one to be too judgmental, but something about this guy seems off.

You will not be able to get into the storehouse until the man standing guard is removed from his post. You have several ways to go about accomplishing this depending on what party members you have acquired at the time you choose to do this side quest. You will need to either have Throné the thief or Castti the Apothecary in your party to complete the Stolen Goods side quest, if you don’t already then you will need to go get them before progressing.

Seems pretty sus to me.

Square Enix

At this point, you need to switch to nighttime. With the use of Throné’s Ambush or Castti’s Soothe Path Actions, you can knock out the man standing guard outside the storehouse and make your way inside. The only thing inside will be a treasure chest that, once opened, contains the Stocked Goods item.

Take this back to the man in the eastern corner of Orerush and present it to him. He will be delighted that you have returned his stolen goods. He is so delighted, in fact, that he will reward you with 3,000 leaves, a Light Nut, and a Healing Grape (M).

With that, you have completed the early game side-quest Stolen Goods and come out the other side 3,000 leaves richer! Now put some of that money towards better weapons and armor for your party, you are going to need it for the long journey ahead.

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