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Everything we know about the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics card

The mother of all graphics cards is coming soon.

nvidia rtx 3090 ti ces 2022

NVIDIA teased the RTX 3090 Ti GPU at the end of its CES 2022 gaming keynote in January, and hardcore gamers already have to start gearing up to get the next impossible-to-buy hardware for their top-tier rigs. Below, we outline everything we know about this ever-elusive card including its estimated release timeframe, price, specs, and how those stats compare to other modern GPUs on the market. There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get right to it.

When will the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti be released?

Unfortunately, NVIDIA hasn’t announced a precise release timeframe right now, only promising we’ll hear more about the upcoming GPU sometime in January. With that in mind, we imagine the 3090 Ti could be released as soon as mid-February or early March. NVIDIA is squarely focused on launching the RTX 3050 on January 27, so we wouldn’t expect to hear more about the 3090 Ti till sometime after that date.

A first look at the NVIDIA 3090 Ti at CES 2022


What is the GeForce 3090 Ti price?

While pricing details for the 3090 Ti haven’t been officially announced, we can assure you that the new flagship GPU is going to be very expensive. The regular RTX 3090 has an MSRP of $1,499. So we wouldn’t be surprised if its more powerful counterpart reaches the $2,000 mark. Especially given rising inflation and the ongoing chip shortage, NVIDIA is assuredly going to charge a premium price for the product.

When the 2080 Ti launched in 2018 it topped out at around $999. Since we’ve already far exceeded that threshold, the sky’s the limit.

What are the NVIDIA GeForce 3090 Ti specs vs 3090 and 3080?

NVIDIA’s RTX 3090 Ti aims to be the new king of PC GPUs.

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While NVIDIA has been coy about most things 3090 Ti since its teased reveal, its specs are currently known. Here are the details.

  • 40 Shader TFlops
  • 78 RT TFlops
  • 320 Tensor TFlops
  • 21 GB of 21 GB/s G6X memory

Generally speaking, it looks as though the 3090 Ti will offer a 10 percent performance boost in all areas when compared to the regular 3090. The traditional 3090 ended up being about 10 percent faster than the most sought-after 30 Series card, the RTX 3080. Official and third-party benchmarks will obviously offer up a clearer picture of just how powerful the 2090 Ti actually is, but it’s no secret that it will be the king of mainstream GPUs once it arrives. How much you want to pay for that advantage, though, is entirely up to you.

Will there be a 3090 Ti Founders Edition?

We’re not sure. Lately, NVIDIA has been stepping away from Founders Edition releases with the RTX 2060 12 GB and the soon-to-be-released RTX 3050, which makes us think a highly boutique variant like the 3090 Ti might be left up to manufacturers to make. That being said, because gamers’ expectations for this card are so particularly high, NVIDIA might be able to scrape together the resources for its own version too.

This question will likely be answered in late January, when NVIDIA is expected to fully detail everything else we still don’t know about the 3090 Ti.

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