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Farm Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise with 1 easy trick


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You’ve got to become strong in Monster Hunter Rise. To gain strength, sometimes you’ve got to get a little dirty. One of the most popular recurring gear sets in Monster Hunter is Death Stench. It’s got skulls, stats, and everything you ideally want from a gear set. It’s perfect for those dire endgame brawls. The only thing that’s tough about nabbing the attire for yourself is collecting enough Sinister Cloth to craft it.

How can you get the elusive Sinister Cloth to build yourself a set of Death Stench? Here’s exactly where you can find the item in Monster Hunter Rise.

Where can you farm Sinister Cloth in Monster Hunter Rise?

To get your mitts on Sinister Cloth, you’ve got to send some friends out on an adventure. Head to Buddy Plaza and speak to Felyne Chief Kogarashi, the Meowcenaries’ liaison. If you need some extra paws on your side, you can chat up Iori, who’s located to Kogarashi’s right side. He’ll lend you some extra Meowcenaries for a fee.

When you speak to Kogarashi, you can send your buddies on deadly missions. Your Felyne friends will return with rewards. With the right luck, one of these rewards can be Sinister Cloth. This is currently the only way to obtain Sinister Cloth.

Monster Hunter Rise will, fortunately, inform you which Meowcenary tasks have a chance to unlock Sinister Cloth.

An example of routes in Monster Hunter Rise.


As you can see in the map above, the missions that you can send Meowcenaries on have specific routes and tasks. Some tasks are colored red while others have a green hue with little sparkles. Those sparkles aren’t just flourishes, similar to what you might find on a glitzy diary, they indicate a rare drop. If your Meowcenaries can complete a task with sparkles, they might return with Sinister Cloth. This drop isn’t guaranteed to occur, but it’s the best chance you have to get Sinister Cloth.

You can increase the chance for the Meowcenaries to obtain a rare reward by increasing their effectiveness. This can be done by subjecting your team to Dojo training or by using a Lagniapple. If you don’t know about the fruit, they’re a special item that Felynes adore in Monster Hunter Rise. By including one in the Meowcenaries payment for the mission, they’ll try extra hard to return with a special item like Sinister Cloth.

You can acquire Lagniapples by completing Optional Sidequest or by finding them while farming in the open world.

Nevertheless, you’ll have to wait for your Meowcenaries to return from their missions to see if they obtained Sinister Cloth. Meowcenaries time will inch forward with every hunt that you complete.

Good luck in making the Death Stench armor, you’re going to need it.

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