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All the Best Ways to Farm Prismarine and Gold in Minecraft Legends

Red, gold, and green.

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Minecraft Legends incorporates many materials into its building system, including Gold and Prismarine. Mojang Studios’ latest spinoff may lack the hook that it needs for newcomers, but it still has plenty going for it as an approachable RTS — like its straightforward farming.

Prismarine is the main resource you need to build Improvements to your home base, the Well of Fate. It’s one of the first things you should invest in when you start your adventure. Gold is an equally valuable resource from the same source: your enemies, the Piglins.

Here’s how to get Prismarine and Gold in Minecraft Legends.

How to Get Prismarine

The main Piglin bases are highlighted in red, gold, and green. You can see them on the map, even when you’re zoomed out. You’ll find many smaller outposts if you zoom in, though.

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Prismarine comes from three main sources:

  • Piglin Bases
  • Village Chests
  • Allay Chests

Piglin bases are the main sources of Prismarine. Destroying Piglin structures, like buildings and large weapons, are especially efficient for farming it.

Minecraft Legends features three main Piglin forces in its Overworld map. The largest bases should be immediately obvious on the map. However, the Piglin forces expand into smaller outposts beyond the core bases. These outposts might not be obvious until you zoom in. If you’re not confident in tackling the main bases right away, start with the smaller ones and slowly build up Prismarine to use for upgrades before moving on. Also, when you get to bigger bases, wait to destroy the portal if you can. Destroying the portal prematurely can cause the remaining structures that you can farm for Prismarine to disappear.

Another way to earn Prismarine is by defending Villages. Every other night or so, Piglins will choose a random Village to target, which should appear highlighted in red on the map. Defend the Village successfully and the villagers should reward you with resources, which could include Prismarine. You can claim the resources from the chests sitting at each Village’s Fountain.

Last but not least, it’s possible to find Prismarine in Allay Chests. You can find Allay Chests while exploring the Overworld, but the locations will vary from game to game. Allay Chests unlock allies that help you farm new materials, which will be helpful for expanding the types of structures you can build.

How to Get Gold

Build Improvements for the Well of Fate whenever you can. These can expand your inventory, bestow new abilities, and add other helpful upgrades for defeating the Piglins.

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Like Prismarine, Gold only comes from Piglin sources. It mostly comes from conquering Piglin bases and opening Piglin chests, which sometimes require a key. Piglin enemies will sometimes drop these keys after you defeat them.

Gold is used for three main things:

  • First Golems
  • Power Towers
  • Improvements

First Golems are the strongest units in the game. Each of them has a special ability that comes in handy for taking down Piglin enemies. For example, the First of Stone chucks boulders at Piglin structures. They won’t work for free, though. You need least 100 Gold to recruit each of them. Power Towers, which are some of the most powerful defensive structures in the game, also cost 100 Gold to activate. They are like the upgraded version of Arrow Towers. Instead of just arrows, they also deploy missiles and shockwaves to devastate incoming Piglin armies.

Some upgrades, like the Flames of Creation and Expert Carpentry, also require Gold.

Why Can’t You Just Mark Prismarine and Gold on a Map?

Each Minecraft Legends map is procedurally generated, so no two worlds will be exactly alike. You might not find Prismarine and Gold in the same exact places as your friend. However, you can still find them from the same structures just like with Piglin bases.

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