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Everything you need to know about the hyped Metroid Prime remaster

It could launch this holiday.

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Metroid Prime

For years, it’s been speculated that a Metroid Prime remaster was in the works. This has yet to be announced by Nintendo, but thanks to a recent report from GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, it seems that Metroid Prime will finally be remastered for Nintendo Switch. There’s a lot to unpack with this new report, such as the game’s potential release window, features, and even Nintendo’s plans leading up to the launch of Metroid Prime 4. It’s still not a guaranteed release, but given the recent report, it’s highly likely we’ll get to play Metroid Prime on Switch — possibly this year. Here’s what we know about the supposed remaster.

When is the Metroid Prime remaster release window?

There isn’t an official release date for the Metroid Prime remaster, but according to Jeff Grubb, the game is due out in November 2022, “almost certainly to line up with the 20th anniversary” of the Prime series. If true, this means Nintendo will need to announce the game relatively soon to give it enough marketing time.

Is there a Metroid Prime remaster trailer?

Dark Samus, appears throughout the Prime trilogy as a leading antagonist.


Since this game hasn’t been officially announced, there isn’t a trailer available quite yet, but it’s likely Nintendo has one ready to go for the game’s reveal, hopefully, planned for later in 2022.

What are the Metroid Prime remaster platforms?

Metroid is a first-party Nintendo series, which means the Prime remaster will be available for Switch, exclusively. It’s possible this game will come to Nintendo’s next system, as well, but for now, we should just expect to play it on Switch.

What are the Metroid Prime remastered features?

Metroid Prime 3 is supposedly being remastered for Switch, as well.


Again, this is unconfirmed, but Grubb speculates that the Prime remaster will be updated with dual analog controls, along with motion control support, gyro aiming, improved visuals, and performance. The Prime games play differently from the 2D entries since they’re first-person shooters. They still incorporate Metroid’s exploration and progression system — just from a different perspective.

Grubb also says that Retro Studios will likely implement new features to the Prime remaster that will be incorporated into Metroid Prime 4 to get fans ready for the new installment. At this point, Prime is nearly 20 years old and while it does hold up remarkably well, there are some aspects that are in need of modern touches, especially in the visual and control department.

Who is the Metroid Prime remaster developer?

Reportedly, Retro Studios is in charge of the Metroid Prime remaster. This is the same team that’s working on Metroid Prime 4, though it’s unclear if other Nintendo studios will be onboard to support its development. Retro Studios is responsible for the original Prime trilogy, so it makes sense for this team to be in charge of the remaster, as well.

What about the Metroid Prime trilogy?

All three games in the Prime trilogy are reportedly coming to Switch.


For years, it’s been speculated that Nintendo would remaster all three games in the Prime trilogy and release them as a singular package. However, according to Grubb, Nintendo will now release them all separately, likely to draw out the build to Metroid Prime 4. Based on Grubb’s reporting, it seems like Prime 2 and Prime 3 will not receive the same remaster treatment as the first game, but will still feature new controls and improvements — just not the same “overhaul” as Metroid Prime.

Prime 2 and 3 are reportedly close to being finished, and will be released throughout 2023, and possibly 2024, according to Grubb.

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