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Everything You Need to Know About Spider-Man 2's Parts and Tokens

Using tokens and Parts are the main ways to upgrade your gadgets and suit tech.

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Spider-Man 2

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, is packed with side content that’s equal parts emotional and engaging and practical. These tasks let you earn tokens, which you can spend to unlock new costumes, upgrade your gadgets, and enhance your suit technology.

Plus, they also offer loads of experience points and rewards. Here are the different tokens you can find in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, how to earn them, and how to spend them.

Types of Parts and Tokens

  • Tech Parts
  • City Tokens
  • Rare Tech Parts
  • Hero Tokens

Tech Parts are the most common materials you can find in the game and are the only ones in seemingly infinite supply. This is because you can earn them by stopping random crimes along the streets of New York City and by completing Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man app requests, EMF experiments, and Hunter Blinds. Finding Spider-Bots around New York rewards Tech Parts as well.

The Suits menu will show you how to obtain certain tokens and parts.

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City Tokens, Rare Tech Parts, and Hero Tokens, on the other hand, can’t be earned through stopping crimes, only by completing the game’s various side quests. Finding Marko’s Memories, taking Photo Ops throughout New York, and Brooklyn Visions requests on Miles' side of the game all provide City Tokens.

Rare Tech Parts and Hero Tokens are a little harder to come by. Prowler Stashes, EMF Experiments, Hunter Blinds, and Unidentified Targets give Rare Tech Parts. The Flame and Cultural Museum Missions as well as clearing out Hunter Bases, Mysteriums, and Symbiote Nests across New York offer Hero Tokens.

Where to Use Parts and Tokens

Once you unlock a suit, you have to spend materials to create it. It also costs additional parts and tokens to craft its color variations, called Styles, if it has any. Whether the suit costs Tech Parts, City Tokens, Rare Tech Parts, or Hero Tokens, depends on the suit.

Upgrading your Suit Tech in Spider-Man 2.

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These parts and tokens are also important in increasing the Spider-Men’s combat abilities. For example, you can invest them to increase their maximum HP. Luckily, whatever you spend resources on applies to both Peter and Miles.

Lastly, you can use tokens and parts to upgrade gadgets in a similar way to the Spider-Men’s combat abilities. They have a variety of nifty machines to help them fight against enemies. Web-Shooters can be upgraded to launch even more ammo and Sonic Bursts can be upgraded to break off into smaller bursts after the initial one.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available on PlayStation 5 on October 20.

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