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6 incredible Hulk skills you should unlock right away in Marvel’s Avengers

Don't smash more, smash better.

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Hulk is essentially Marvel's Avengers' deuteragonist, the second main character alongside Kamala Khan. Given that there's no way to respec or retool your character later in the game, and that Hulk plays such a major role in the game's story, it's important that you get your smashing skillset right the first time around.

To optimize your Incredible Hulk build, unlock these six skills ASAP, and you'll be smashing AIM with ease.

The Hulk's toolkit revolves around using his Rage meter, the green bar at the top-middle of his HUD. Each Smash with the Rage meter active will deal higher damage and restore Willpower (Avengers' equivalent for health).

With this in mind, Hulk functions as both an exceptional damage dealer and a superior tank within most party compositions.

6. Meteor

When you first unlock Hulk, you can use his ranged attack to dig up a chunk of rock from the ground and hurl the debris at any foe regardless of how close they are. It's a dangerous skill with ample damage, but with the Meteor upgrade, Hulk can grab even larger pieces of debris to deal greater damage.

All you need to do is hold the button for one extra second. Not only will this help with enemies at varied distances from Hulk, but it's useful for crowd control in instances where a group of enemies might be rushing toward you.

5. Shatter Spin

After you've obtained Meteor, unlock Shatter Spin.

This is an upgrade to Meteor, allowing you to use Hulk's massive concrete projectile as a melee weapon for smashing. This move will enhance both your light and heavy attacks. The Bludgeon ability allows Hulk to grab a nearby enemy and use them as a melee weapon, but Shatter Spin makes it so that you can essentially conjure a weapon at any moment, which can be handy in a variety of circumstances.

4. Unsteady Ground

With this "heavy sprint attack," as Hulk dashes towards a foe, you can press Triangle or Y to perform Unsteady Ground which has Hulk will lunge forward, slamming his whole body onto the ground, to create a shockwave.

This will stun all surrounding foes, opening them up to further smashing. This move is a great boon if you want to plan some quick crowd control with your teammates. It's been used when you have a solid feel for the distance and area of impact so you can time it just right to land on top of a crowd of enemies.

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3. Power Spike

After you grab an enemy with the square or X button, Power Strike lets you leap into the air and slam them back down, which launches nearby enemies into the air.

When performed correctly, the move will incapacitate the targets foe while dealing additional damage to foes close to where you landed. In theory, this could be combined with the Bludgeon ability to grab an enemy, hit their friends with the body, and then launch into the to execute this move on them to help with crowd control.

2. Tectonic Fury

Power attacks can deal massive amounts of damage with just a little build-up. With Tectonic Fury, you can execute a devastating combo of powerful hits.

After using any power attack, you can rapidly press Triangle or Y five successive times to produce five smaller shockwaves. Each one will do massive damage, easily knocking out any and all surrounding foes before Hulk completes the combo with a powerful ground smash. If you're looking to deal a lot of damage to a single enemy (which will be the case in most boss fights), investing in Tectonic Fury is a great idea.

1. Devil's Rampage & Controlled Chaos

Managing Hulk's Rage meter is perhaps the most important part of playing as him. No two skills manage Rage better than this duo of passive skills: Devil's Rampage boosts your rage meter by 15 points every time you perform a takedown (the attack performed after stunning a foe). Controlled Chaos reduces the overall cost of using your Rage meter by 20 percent, effectively making every attack cheaper.

Rage can be used to restore your overall health and strengthen attacks. Increasing the overall amount of Rage at your disposal means it'll be easier for you to survive against tough bosses.

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