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How to play online and local multiplayer in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Tee up with a foursome.

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With the launch of Mario Golf: Super Rush for Nintendo Switch, you’ll now be able to tee up with friends — or enemies — at home or on the go whenever you’d like. Super Rush is the latest installment in the series and marks the first Mario Golf home console release since 2003’s Toadstool Tour for the GameCube.

One of the best things about Mario Golf is playing with friends. Sure, playing solo can be fun, but something about going head-to-head with your buddies has always been exciting. In Super Rush, you’re certainly able to play with others, either online or locally.

For some reason, however, the game doesn’t make it abundantly clear how to play multiplayer. In this guide, we’ll show you how to do just that Mario Golf: Super Rush.

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How to play Mario Golf: Super Rush local multiplayer

You can play online in groups of four in Mario Golf: Super Rush.


First, let’s dive into playing local multiplayer in Mario Golf: Super Rush. There are a few modes you can play locally, such as Standard Golf, Speed Golf, and Battle Golf. To start, select “Play Golf” from the main menu.

Here, you can select the mode you’d like. Keep in mind, you’ll need multiple sets of controllers to play all modes except for Standard Golf. In this mode, you can actually pass the same controller back and forth since it’s a turn-based competition.

After you’ve selected the mode, you need to pick the Play Style. This will give you the option of using either button controls or motion controls. The next screen allows you to choose how many controllers you’d like to play with. Depending on the mode, you’ll have various amounts of controller possibilities.

Select the rules, then you can pick how many players you’d like to compete against. On this screen, depending on the mode, you can opt to face off against up to three other players (four total, including you). Then, you need to confirm the number of human players that will participate. For instance, if you want four actual people to be in the match, you’ll need to select four players and make sure you set it to four humans.

You can tweak this, of course. For instance, if you want two real players and two CPUs, you’d choose four players and set it to only two humans. The other two will fill in as CPUs. After you’ve made this selection, you’ll be able to pick your character and the course. From there, you can play with your friend(s)!

How to play Mario Golf: Super Rush online multiplayer

You can also play Mario Golf: Super Rush with friends, locally.


Of course, you’re also able to play online with other players in Mario Golf: Super Rush. To do so, select “Play Golf” once again, but this time, you’ll have to choose “Network Play” afterward. If you’re planning on playing online, choose “Online Play” — otherwise, you can also pick “Local Play,” which allows users to pair up with up to two nearby Switch consoles.

Assuming you want to play online, choose that option, and then pick your control type, and the number of players. You can have two players compete online with others from the same system, which is a neat inclusion. After that, you’ll have the option to either find or create a room.

Those who create a room will have full control over the rules and whether or not you’d like to include a password. Once you’ve set the room name, you’ll see the room ID in the top right, which can be used to locate the lobby.

Alternatively, you can simply find a room instead of making one. You can join your friends’ rooms, enter the room ID, or browse any rooms that may be available. If you choose to search, you can enter filters for various rule, course, and match types. Take note that some rooms may have a password.

Keep in mind, if you plan to play multiplayer over the internet, you’ll need the Nintendo Switch Online subscription service. Though, you’re able to play multiplayer locally without the subscription service.

Mario Golf: Super Rush is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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