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Everything you need to know about Mario Golf: Super Rush on Nintendo Switch

The latest Mario Golf game introduces some exciting series firsts.

It’s tee time. A new Mario Golf game is coming to Nintendo Switch, and it’s kind of a big deal. The last installment of the series was in 2014 with the Nintendo 3DS hit Mario Golf: World Tour. Even more surprising, there hasn’t been a console Mario Golf game since the Nintendo GameCube, so fans are understandably excited.

Mario Golf: Super Rush looks like it’ll be one of the bigger Switch titles this year, based on Nintendo’s February Direct presentation. The sports game features some particularly exciting features and modes, which could make it one of the system’s best multiplayer games. Here’s everything we know about Mario Golf: Super Rush so far.

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When is the Mario Golf: Super Rush release date?

Mario Golf: Super Rush is coming out on June 25, 2021. Nintendo first announced the game at its February Direct, so it’ll only be a few months from reveal to release. Switch users can pre-order the game right now through the Nintendo eShop.

Is there a Mario Golf: Super Rush trailer?

Yes, and it’s full of information. The two-minute clip shows off some of the games characters, features, and game modes. So far, it’s about what you’d expect from a Mario Golf game and that’s not a complaint. The series is one of the better Mario spin offs, so a modern console version like this is long overdue.

Which characters are in the Mario Golf: Super Rush roster?

Nintendo has either confirmed or outright shown Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Bowser, Wario, Toad, and Yoshi as playable characters, along with customizable Miis. But the game's official site also mentions that "King Bob-omb can pelt the course with bombs," so we can expect them to be a playable character as well. Waluigi was also spotted swinging a club in the trailer. Beyond that, we can't be sure.

Does Mario Golf: Super Rush have motion controls?

It does, and that’s surprisingly a first for the series! Players can hold a joy-con like a golf club and swing it to hit the ball. Players will have to hold down the SL button while swinging and release it as they hit the ball. The game features traditional controls as well for players who just want to press A to swing. No judgment!

What modes are in Mario Golf: Super Rush?

Here’s where the game gets really exciting. First off, it features a full Story Mode where players control a Mii who goes from rookie to pro. Like previous Mario Golf games, the single-player campaign includes light RPG touches like experience points and a skill level up system. Miis can also be used in multiplayer modes.

The multiplayer Speed Golf mode in Mario Golf: Super Rush.Nintendo

The real star of the show is Speed Golf. The new multiplayer mode is a chaotic version of golf where every player hits at the same time. Up to four players will freely run around the green trying to get their ball to the hole first. Players can even get power-ups that up their speed to cause even more chaos.

The trailer mentions a traditional versus mode as well for players who just want to play a few rounds with their friends.

Who is developing Mario Golf: Super Rush?

Here’s some good news for Mario Sports diehard: Mario Golf: Super Rush is being developed by Camelot. The studio has handled all of the previous Mario Golf and Mario Tennis games, dating back to 1999. When it comes to the Mario Golf series, in particular, Camelot has yet to miss. If the latest installment is on par with Mario Golf: World Tour, this should be a much welcome new entry in the series.

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