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Lost Judgment Time Capsule guide: How to solve the tricky Side Case

Step back in time.

Lost Judgment time capsule side case quest

Lost Judgment features dozens of new Side Cases for Yagami to pursue across multiple maps, but one of the most frustrating quests encountered in the game’s earliest hours is called “Where is the Time Capsule.” In this guide, we’ll explain how to locate the missing object and what you must do to complete the rest of this plot-heavy side story.

How to start “Where is the Time Capsule” Side Case

The “Where is the Time Capsule” Side Case triggers during Chapter 3 and is located at the Seiryo High School Courtyard entrance, just as you pass through the building’s central doors. You can use this map to pinpoint the case’s exact location. Initially, it will show up as “???” on your map.

You’ll find the Where is the Time Capsule Side Case near the entrance to the Seiryo High School Courtyard.


How to find the Time Capsule

Once you get there, you’ll see a group of students hanging around a tree. Talk to them, and they’ll tell you they’re looking for a Time Capsule they buried on the school grounds some time ago. But, unfortunately, the only clue they have to its location revolves around “the giant’s wheel lording over the tree with the most branches.”

Go here to find the giant’s wheel and the tree with the most branches.


The quest marker will update, and it will bring you reasonably close to where you need to go to find the giant’s wheel. Manually enter investigation mode, look above the nearby gate, and you’ll see this Ferris wheel. Examine it by pressing the button as shown.

The giant’s wheel is this Ferris wheel that looms in the skyline of the quest marker area.


Once you find the wheel, the next step is locating the tree with the most branches. That’s right next to the gate, as illustrated below. Then, for the “examine” prompt to trigger, move closer to the tree and focus on the notch in its trunk.

This is what the tree with the mos branches looks like.


From here, Yagami will do all the pacing and digging himself, and he’ll discover that the Time Capsule doesn’t appear to be the one the men described. So go back to talk to them at the spot where the Time Capsule quest started in the first place. After some dialogue, select the option that “someone mistakenly took it.” You can’t fail this part, but that’s the only option that advances the case.

Select the option that someone must’ve taken the Time Capsule.


After much more dialogue, you’ll discover the unlocked Time Capsule Yagami found belongs to Goto-San, a girl that one of the men, Ogikubo, had a crush on in high school. Inside her capsule is a letter revealing that she had a crush on Ogikubo as well.

The next step is to find Goto-san to return her capsule and offer our new friend an opportunity to confess his love. You’ll have some dialogue choices to make here, but the only one that matters is knowing where she lives now. The friends discuss that her parents own a restaurant in Chinatown, so that’s where Yagami must go to solve the case.

If you want to get there quickly, leave Seiryo High School and take a taxi to S. Chinatown. It’ll drop you off right near the quest marker.

Take a taxi to Chinatown if you want to get there quickly.


Go to this spot on the map, and you’ll be able to interact with a large highlighted circle.

Go to this spot to begin the next step in the investigation.


At this point, you’ll automatically enter search mode as you try to find Goto-san based on Ogikubo’s description. From the default spot, turn to your left, and you’ll see this woman in a white coat standing near a Chinese restaurant. Move closer to her for the “examine” prompt to appear. She fits the profile, so all you have to do now is talk to her. After that, the quest will end in a very Yakuza-like way that we won’t spoil here.

This is what Goto-san looks like. Move closer for the “examine” prompt to appear.


That’s all you need to know to find the lost Time Capsule in Lost Judgment.

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