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Lost Judgement Kappa locations: All 7 statues for "Where the Kappa Roam"

How to finish the great Kappa Statue hunt.

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Where the Kappa Roam is one of the earliest Side Cases in Lost Judgment, but it’s also one of the most frustrating ones to complete if you’re trying to finish it all at once. Yagami has seven Kappa Statues to find. But because they’re scattered throughout the massive Yokohama map, finding them can be a real chore. Below, we list all seven Kappa locations you need to get some easy cash and experience.

How to start the “Where the Kappa Roam” Side Case

To start the “Where the Kappa Roam” Side Case, look for a little folder icon on your map at this spot on N. Sakura River St. It’ll be marked with “???” on it.

The quest begins here, on N. Sakura River St.

When you get there, you’ll encounter a man named Shimizu who attacks you with a large statue. Take him down with a little bit of muscle. He doesn’t put up too much of a fight.

Fight Shimizu to find out what’s up with the Kappa Statue he’s wielding.


After the altercation, you’ll be introduced to a man named Kodama who explains that he has placed the statues around Yokohama as part of an advertising campaign and, for some reason, the residents of the area have taken pleasure in stealing them. As described above, it’s Yagami’s duty as a detective to locate seven Kappa statues to ensure Kodama’s business deal goes off without a hitch.

Can you help Kodama find all seven of his Kappa Statues?

After this plot is introduced the keyword “kappa” is added to your Buzz Researcher app as a means of potentially helping you locate the lost statues. You can always use this method if you like, but hopefully, our maps can point you in the right direction without ever having to do so.

Lost Judgment Kappa Statue locations

Kappa location 1: The very first Kappa can be found at this circular path directly west of N. Sakura River St. An arrow and dialogue box will point you toward a man reeling in a big fish at the river’s edge. Talk to him, engage in an easy button-press minigame, and you’ll have procured the first Kappa.

For the first Kappa location, go to the path west of N. Sakura River St.


Kappa location 2: For the second Kappa location you’ll have to walk around the homeless camp near Onodera’s Wares, which is a marked vendor on your map. Eventually, you’ll come across a man running in circles who’s carrying a Kappa statue.

The second statue can be found at the homeless camp around Onodera’s Wares. Look for a running man carrying the Kappa Statue.


Interact with him when you see him, and a chase sequence will trigger. This one is pretty easy, so just press the buttons as they appear. Eventually, you’ll catch the Kappa thief you’re looking for.

Hunt down the man running with the Kappa Statue to continue on with the Side Case.


Kappa location 3: To get the third Kappa you must first go to this conversion spot on Tsurukame Bridge. You’ll come to a space where two men are talking to each other about selling a Kappa Statue for 300 yen. Wait for the dialogue to be fully complete and start looping again before you leave.

To get the third Kappa Statue, head to this conversation area at Tsurukame Bridge and listen to what the two men have to say.


Now that you’ve seen that conversation, the Kappa Statue can be purchased from Benten Pawn for just 100 yen. Buy it to advance the case.

Once you hear tyhat conversation, you can buy the third Kappa Statue at Benten Pawn for 100 yen.


Kappa location 4: The fourth Kappa is an easy one. Just go to this spot on S. Sakura River St. You’ll see two Kappas here, and you should be able to interact with one of them.

At this spot on S. Sakura River St. you’ll find two Kappas right nextto each other. One of them is a fake.


Kappa location 5: For this Kappa head up to the northern part of the map where the Drone Racing area is. You’ll find a Kappa sitting next to a soccer goal in the area with the green field.

For the fifth Kappa Statue location, head north to the soccer field where the Drone Race area is located.


Kappa location 6: For the final real Kappa location, head to the corner of this building on E. Central St. You’ll find the statue leaning near some trash bags.

For the sixth Kappa Statue location, go to the corner of this building on E. Central St.


Kappa location 7: Once you’ve found the previous six Kappa Statue locations, go back to your base at Yokohama 99. You’ll find the statue sitting in the corner near your shelves. A cutscene may play when you head there too. As long as you’re not in a pivotal plot moment, you should be able to get the last Kappa here once you’ve located the others.

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