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Lost Judgment chapter list: How long does it take to beat the new game?

How many chapters (and hours) of judgment are there?

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Lost Judgment is finally available, and the latest effort from Ryu Ga Gotoku is absolutely massive compared to its predecessor. Are you a detective who’s just starting your journey? Curious about how deep you are into the game’s main narrative? Just wondering how many chapters there are? Then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we outline all you need to know about the length of Lost Judgment whether you aim to beat every single Side Case or not.

How many chapters are in Lost Judgment?

The Main Case of Lost Judgment, which features all the plot pivotal moments highlighted on your map in red, features 13 chapters which are listed below.

  • Chapter One: Black Sheep
  • Chapter Two: Vicious Cycle
  • Chapter Three: Two Sides of the Same Coin
  • Chapter Four: Red Knife
  • Chapter Five: Double Jeopardy
  • Chapter Six: Converging Heat
  • Chapter Seven: Blindsided
  • Chapter Eight: Phantom of Ijincho
  • Chapter Nine: The Weight of Guilt
  • Chapter 10: Catch a Tiger
  • Chapter 11: Undercover
  • Chapter 12: To Nourish a Viper
  • Chapter 13: Darkest Before the Dawn

There are 13 chapters in Lost Judgment, making the main story of this game comparable in length to other titles in the Yakuza series.


Generally speaking, the first few chapters of the game fly by as the basic tenets of the narrative are established. But the time you reach Lost Judgement chapters six and seven, you could be spending multiple hours before advancing to the next big portion of the case. The deeper you get into the plot, the more involved these chapters become. That being said, just looking at this list should serve as a solid barometer for where you are in the game at any given moment.

How long does it take to beat Lost Judgment?

Just like the Yakuza games and the original Judgment before it, the time it can take to beat Lost Judgment varies wildly depending on how you’d like to play. For starters, there are four difficulty levels (Simple, Easy, Normal, and Hard) that might have a small impact on how long it takes to get things done based on your skill as a player. With that caveat in mind, here are some rough estimates to consider while planning out your play sessions.

School Stories are a new type of Side Case that can add a lot to Lost Judgment’s length.

  • Main path: 25-30 hours.
  • Main path with some side content: 40-45 hours.
  • 100%: 90-105 hours

While the base narrative of Lost Judgment is about as long as its predecessor, the sequel is far more girthy when it comes to Side Cases and other side activities. Additional cases typically involve more steps than in prior games and often have more complex solutions that may leave you scouring the city to find the right locations or items. It’s also worth noting that the new Yokohama map on which most of Lost Judgment takes place is substantially larger than the Kamurocho base series fans may be used to. As a result, you might be spending more time traveling from place to place once side content starts opening up.

Lost Judgement also adds 10 School Stories to the mix as well, which essentially act as multi-layered Side Cases based on traditional Yakuza-style mini-games in dancing, drone races, sports, and more. Let’s also not forget how long it might take completionists to eat everything on the menu at every single restaurant on the map. The game also features a DLC menu from day one, which means more cases may be on the way. In short, as long as you appreciate the basic gameplay loop Lost Judgment offers, it’s unlikely you’ll be starved for content for quite a while.

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