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How to claim a free starter set and more in Lost Ark via Twitch Drops

Get a starter set and pet selection chest.

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The Amazon-published action MMORPG Lost Ark is finally getting an international launch more than two years after its release in South Korea. Servers opened for early access on February 8, 2022, for anyone who bought a Founder’s Pack, and the game immediately shot to the top of Twitch’s most-watched list. Though some streamers found it a bit difficult to log in, most were eventually able to enjoy the Diablo-inspired gameplay and frantic monster hunting. Twitch (also owned by Amazon) is offering a lot of free in-game content through a uniquely robust Twitch Drop program.

How do I claim Lost Ark Twitch Drops?

The process for activating Lost Ark Drops on Twitch is similar to activating Drops for previous games. First, make sure you’re logged in to your Twitch account, then head to the Lost Ark Twitch Drops website. Midway down the page, you’ll see an option to link your Twitch account to your Steam account. Once that’s done, just click the Activate button directly below, and you can start earning Drops.

Link your Twitch account!

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How do the Lost Ark Twitch Drops work?

Here’s where things get more complicated. Lost Ark is offering a variety of Drops through a program it’s called Legends of Lost Ark. While the program is live, teams of North American, Latin American, and European streamers (representing the regions Lost Ark is launching in) will compete to unlock new items. As streamers for each team complete in-game missions, they’ll earn points toward the next unlock and get Founder’s Packs that they can share with viewers.

To earn Lost Ark Twitch Drops, you just need to tune in to any stream with Drops enabled for four hours. Once you’ve earned your Drop, you’ll get a notification in Twitch, and you can redeem your item in your inventory. To get the most out of your time, you’ll want to watch the team with the most Drops unlocked. You can do that by checking the Legends of Lost Ark leaderboard, which is updated with current standings every day at 5 p.m. Eastern. Streamers can only offer one Drop at a time, so if you’ve already claimed one, make sure you’re watching a streamer offering another option.

Here’s a look at the loot that’s up for grabs from Legends of Lost Ark.

What are the Lost Ark Twitch drop rewards?

Lost Ark has four different Drops unlocked as teams progress. All Drop-enabled streams start with the Tier 1 option unlocked.

  • Tier 1: Battle Item Chest (called LoLA Starter Item Set in your inventory) — 3-pack of Battle Item Chests, a Regulus’ Currency Chest with 100,000 Silver (a standard in-game currency), and an Amethyst Shard Pack with 1,500 Shards (a rarer in-game currency).
  • Tier 2: Arkesia Paper Hat Chest — Choose between five paper hat in-game cosmetics.
  • Tier 3: Helgaia Pet Chest — Choose between four bird pet companions for your character.
  • Tier 4: Neugier Gold Mount — A unique mount for your character.

There’s also one additional unlock, the Saphia Pet Selection Chest, which lets you choose between six fox pet companions. It’s only available on Twitch’s Crown Channel until February 11, after which it can be offered by any streamer in the Lost Ark Creator Program.

Saphia pets are more concerned with style than camouflage.


When are Lost Ark Twitch Drops available?

You can earn Twitch Drops for Lost Ark during the first month after the game’s launch. Drops from Legends of Lost Ark were enabled on February 8, when early access started, and they’ll remain active until March 1 at 3 a.m. Eastern. The one exception is the Saphia Pet Selection Chest, which will be available until March 7 at 3 a.m. Eastern. You’ll need to watch four hours of participating streams before then to qualify.

What if the Lost Ark Twitch Drops are not working?

If it seems like It can take up to 24 hours after claiming your Drop for the item to show up in your game. If you have a Founder’s Pack and are playing Lost Ark’s early access period, they’ll be available right away. If you’re waiting for the game’s full free-to-play launch, that happens Friday, February 11, 2022.

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