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Loop Hero is coming to Nintendo Switch — here's why it's a must-play

One of 2021's best indie games is about to become easier to reach.

One of 2021’s best indie games is coming to Nintendo Switch soon.

Loop Hero took the gaming industry by surprise in February due to its novel concept. Part idle game, part roguelike, and part RPG, players watch The Hero walk around a loop, adding to the loop and improving their equipment as enemies and bosses are slain.

It’s a simple but addicting indie game, but it was stuck on PC. That will change soon, as a Nintendo until now Switch port of Loop Hero was revealed during Nintendo’s August 11 Indie World Showcase.

If you’re wondering when you can try it and whether or not you should pick it up, this is everything we know about Loop Hero on Nintendo Switch.

When is the Loop Hero Nintendo Switch release date?

A specific release date was not shared, but Devolver Digital and Four Quarters confirmed that the port will be released in holiday 2021. Loop Hero is already available on Steam and the Epic Game Store for those who can't keep themselves from playing it.

Is there a Loop Hero Nintendo Switch trailer?

Yes, there is! The game was revealed with one during August 11’s Indie World Showcase. It starts out just showing normal gameplay before The Lich tells The Hero that Loop Hero is coming to Nintendo Switch. Check it out below:

Is Loop Hero coming to PS5 or Xbox Series X?

A Nintendo Switch port announcement might make you think that the game is coming to more consoles. As of August 2021, there aren’t plans to bring Loop Hero to PlayStation or Xbox systems. A PR representative for Devolver Digital confirmed to Inverse that the Nintendo Switch version of Loop Hero is the only console port currently planned.

As a game that is centered around repeating the same loop over and over again run after run, it’s a great fit for a portable console like Switch. It’s unfortunate that it won’t be on any other consoles for the foreseeable future, but the developers are at the very least continuing to update the game with new cards, classes, and more.

Why you need to play Loop Hero

If you’re still on the fence about the game, we urge you to take the plunge when Loop Hero comes to Switch later this year. In our review, Inverse gave the game an 8/10, saying, “Loop Hero draws inspiration from a smattering of genres to create a unique experience that’s difficult to put down, mainly by using a time loop concept like Groundhog Day or The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.”

Loop Hero finds a unique balance for a roguelike, making it a game that’s more about the journey than the destination. You want to make the loop harder so you get better gear and can progress through the story, but you also want to ensure that The Hero never dies.

It’s simplistic enough that anyone can play it, but the intensity surrounding keeping your character alive will keep you consistently engaged despite the lack of direct control. It’s a gem of an indie that’s not like much else currently out on the market, so don’t pass on trying it out.

Loop Hero will be released for Nintendo Switch in late 2021.

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