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How to Unlock and Change Jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

A career change.

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Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth directly builds off the turn-based combat system introduced with the previous game, adding a wealth of new options for taking down enemies. While features like positioning and knock-back effects have been added, the job system has also been given an overhaul. A few jobs from Like a Dragon make a comeback, along with a selection of radical Hawaii-inspired new ones. Unfortunately, changing jobs can be a bit complicated, so we’re here to give you the run-down on everything you need to know about Infinite Wealth’s job system.

How to Change Jobs in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth

Most of the jobs in Infinite Wealth are brand new, with a few returning ones.


Infinite Wealth takes a surprising amount of time to unlock jobs for players, and if you didn’t know you could easily play for dozens of hours before even seeing this option. You’ll need to progress to Chapter 6, at which point the main story will walk you through the process of changing jobs. The trick is that there’s a ton of side content that opens up in the game’s early chapters. Because a lot of side content involves battling, it’s a better idea to put most of it off until you reach Chapter 6, so you can maximize the job experience you earn.

You can only change jobs by visiting an Alo Happy location and using the changing room, there’s no other way. There are three Alo Happy locations in Hawaii: the main office on Waikiki Street; the entrance of the Hawaiin Haunt dungeon; and the Anaconda Shopping Center. When you head back to Japan later in the game, there are two Alo Happy rooms in Yokohama and one in Kamurocho.

You can only unlock jobs at the main office on Waikiki, but can change jobs at any Alo Happy room.


The process of unlocking jobs is a little more complicated, as you need to pay for “activities” provided by Alo Happy. The Aquanaut job is unlocked for free, but every other one you’ll need to pay to unlock. The other catch, however, is that one of Ichiban’s personality stats will have to be at a certain level to undertake the activity. So you need both the money and personality. Here’s how to unlock each Alo Happy job, some of which are locked to one gender.

Alo Happy Jobs

  • Aquanaut (Male Only) - Kindness Level 1 - Free
  • Geodancer (Female Only) - Passion Level 1 - $200
  • Pyrodancer (Male Only) - Passion Level 3 - $200
  • Action Star (Male Only) - Charisma Level 4 - $200
  • Housekeeper (Female Only) - Kindness Level 4 - $200
  • Samurai (Male Only) - Confidence Level 5 - $1600
  • Desperado (Male Only) - Style Level 5 - $1600
  • Kunoichi (Female Only) - Intellect Level 5 - $1600

Outside of the Alo Happy jobs, there’s a selection of others available. Every character has their own unique job that they start with, but here’s how to unlock everything else.

Character-Specific Jobs

  • Freelancer (Ichiban) - Unlocked automatically
  • Hero (Ichiban) - Unlocked in Chapter 2
  • Sujimancer (Ichiban) - Unlocked by earning the first Sujimon Gym badge, the Hotel Badge. Sujimon battles are unlocked in Chapter 4.
  • Dragon of Dojima (Kiryu) - Unlocked automatically
  • Homeless Guy (Nanba) - Unlocked automatically
  • Detective (Adachi) - Unlocked automatically
  • Cabbie (Tomizawa) - Unlocked automatically
  • Heiress (Chitose) - Unlocked automatically
  • Assassin (Seonhee) - Unlocked automatically
  • Barmaid (Saeko) - Unlocked automatically
  • Gangster (Zhao) - Unlocked automatically
  • Hitman (Joon-Gi Han) - Unlocked automatically

Extra Jobs

A few more jobs are unlocked automatically when you reach Chapter 8. These jobs can be equipped by the team in Japan and the team in Hawaii after that. They are also gender specific.

  • Breaker (Male Only)
  • Host (Male Only)
  • Chef (Male Only)
  • Idol (Female Only)
  • Night Queen (Female Only)

Finally, two additional jobs can only be unlocked by pre-ordering Infinite Wealth. Those are Linebacker for male party members and Tennis Star for female party members. It’s currently unclear if these will be available for purchase at a later date.

How to Raise Ichiban’s Personality Stats

Make sure to make friends with everyone you can as you explore Hawaii, as it’s the easiest way to raise Ichiban’s personality stats.


To get those Alo Happy jobs you’ll need to put a little work in to raise Ichiban’s stats, but there are a few easy ways of doing that. The first is the Aloha Links feature, which lets you befriend 200 NPCs that wander the streets of Hawaii. You don’t need to worry about seeking out these NPCs yourself, as the system is designed to be used as you explore the city. You never need to go out of your way to find the NPCs, but merely keep an eye out as you follow the main story, explore, and complete sidequests.

While walking around you’ll see characters with a gauge above their head, and simply press Square (X) to give a greeting. This will make you their friend and give you a small bonus to one stat. Continuing to greet them will make them a “Buddy” and provide even more personality boosts. You can also make friends by saving NPCs from enemies, feeding animals, giving gifts, and more. Just look for the gauge above their head to know who you can make friends with.

The other easiest way to level stats is the Vocational School, which returns from Infinite Wealth. Make your way to the left side of the Hawaii map and you’ll find the school across from the docks on Harbor Street. Here you can take a variety of tests that all give a big boost to your stats, but you’ll need to shell out a few bucks for each test.

Of course, outside of these options, you’ll gain personality stats for beating enemies, playing minigames, and generally doing just about anything in Infinite Wealth. To see a full list of rewards open the main menu, select the Personality option, and then look at “Personality Challenges.” Simply playing the story should eventually get you to the levels you need to unlock the Alo Happy jobs.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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