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Here's exactly how long it takes to beat The Last of Us Part I

Naughty Dog's post-apocalyptic masterpiece is back on PS5.

Joel in The Last of Us Part I.
Naughty Dog

Time is precious, especially when it comes to video games. With AAA releases like Elden Ring gobbling up between 50 and 80 hours to complete, the length of a game can influence your decision to purchase every bit as much as price. So if you’re pressed for time and hoping to roll credits on The Last of Us Part I, out September 2 for PlayStation 5, you’re in luck. Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic action game probably won’t take you weeks to finish.

How long is The Last of Us Part I?

You can expect to spend about 15 hours playing through the main story of The Last of Us Part I. If you’re a completionist determined to track down every secret and hidden collectible, expect to spend closer to 25 hours to do it all. Those choosing to play on higher difficulty levels, like Grounded, may also have a longer playtime.

The Last of Us Part I also includes the original game’s DLC, Left Behind, which offers a glimpse of Ellie’s life in Boston before she crosses paths with Joel. Expect to spend roughly two to three hours on this prequel adventure.

Ellie in The Last of Us Part I.

Naughty Dog

How many chapters are in The Last of Us Part I?

There are 12 chapters in The Last of Us Part I. Some of these, like the first and last, are shorter than the others. Each of these chapters has a handful of subsections, as noted below.

Please be aware that some of these chapter or sub-chapter names may contain mild spoilers for players who are not already familiar with the overall story of The Last of Us.


  • Prologue

The Quaråntine Zone

  • 20 Years Later
  • Beyond the Wall
  • The Slums
  • The Cargo

The Outskirts

  • Outside
  • Downtown
  • Museum
  • Capitol Building

Bill's Town

  • The Woods
  • Safehouse
  • Graveyard
  • High School Escape


  • Alone and Forsaken
  • Hotel Lobby
  • Financial District
  • Escape the City

The Suburbs

  • Sewers
  • Suburbs

Tommy's Dam

  • Hydroelectric Dam
  • Ranch House

The University

  • Go Big Horns
  • Science Building

Lakeside Resort

  • The Hunt
  • Cabin Resort

Bus Depot

  • Highway Exit
  • Underground Tunnel

Firefly Lab

  • The Hospital


  • Epilogue

The Last of Us Part I comes to PlayStation 5 on September 2. Sony has not yet announced a release date for the PC version of the game.

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