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How to Find All 6 of Ellie's Jokes in The Last of Us

It runs in her genes.

The Last of Us Part 1

Ellie from The Last of Us is easily one of the most beloved video game characters of all time. And her portrayal by Bella Ramsey in the HBO TV series is just as charming, thanks in no small part to her penchant for annoying/entertaining Joel with a barrage of corny jokes. In The Last of Us Part I, Ellie is just as funny as she is in the show, and she even utilizes her little joke book: No Pun Intended: Volume Too by Will Livingston. There are six sets of jokes you can trigger throughout the entirety of The Last of Us Part I, but nearly all of them are groan-worthy. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find all six so you don’t miss out on the puns, but if you want to read the jokes themselves, check out this unofficial ranking or this wiki page listing them.

1. Ellie’s First Batch of Pittsburgh Jokes

Play until you reach a blue bus during the Alone and Forsaken portion of the Pittsburgh chapter.


The first set of jokes is found in the Alone and Forsaken section of the Pittsburgh chapter. Play until you reach a car-filled street with a blue bus and you’ll come across a set of enemies that will walk by. It’s best to wait for them to pass so you don’t have to fight them. Once they walk away, look at the blue bus with Ellie in focus, and interact with her. She’ll then lighten the mood with her first set of jokes.

2. Ellie’s Second Batch of Pittsburgh Jokes

Defeat all enemies at the bookstore during Alone and Forsaken to find the next set on the second floor.


Still during the Alone and Forsaken section of Pittsburgh, play until you reach the Kingston Bookstore. Defeat all the enemies in this area, then head up to the second floor, and make your way to the right towards a cafe. Once here, wait a minute, and the prompt to initiate Ellie’s next set of jokes will appear.

3. Ellie’s Third Batch of Pittsburgh Jokes

Just after the bookstore, head outside during Alone and Forsaken to trigger the last joke of this area.


Once again during Alone and Forsaken in Pittsburgh, continue outside of the aforementioned bookstore and you’ll come to a street. Just up ahead, a cutscene will play once you reach a yellow taxi. This cutscene shows enemies in the distance in front of a hotel. After it’s over, turn around 180 degrees and make your way back towards a concrete wall with “Death for Freedom” spray painted on it. Put the wall to your back and make sure you look towards the hotel ahead, as well as Ellie, and she’ll tell the next set of jokes.

4. Ellie’s Hotel Lobby Jokes

This joke is found in the Hotel Lobby section of Pittsburgh.


Once inside the Hotel Lobby, grab the nearby ladder and use it to climb up to where the golden elevators are. Wait for Ellie to climb up, and then look at her to trigger the next set of jokes.

5. Ellie’s Suburbs Jokes

Find this set of jokes during The Suburbs chapter.


This next set of jokes is a bit of a pain to trigger, but we’ll walk you through the process. You’ll find this during The Suburbs chapter. You must engage in three optional conversations with Henry and Ellie to trigger this set of jokes, so make sure you follow the steps carefully.

Play until you come to a house with red spray paint on it with the text that reads “I’m armed, no trespassing, will shoot on sight.”

Initiate the optional conversation with Henry, and then head across the street into the house with a massive hole in the wall. It’s the one with “I have a gun” spray painted on the wall. You’ll come to a kitchen, and then Henry will follow you and continue talking.

Exit the house and head to the right down the street until you come to an ice cream truck, where Ellie will have an optional conversation with you.

Continue down the street until you reach a dead end, where you’ll find a white spray-painted Firefly symbol on the wall. Look at it to trigger another conversation with Henry. Then, after a couple of minutes, turn 180 degrees from the Firefly symbol to look at Ellie, and she’ll finally tell her next set of jokes.

6. Ellie’s Left Behind Jokes

The last set of jokes is found during the Fun and Games portion of the Left Behind DLC.


The final set of jokes is found in the Fun and Games section of the Left Behind DLC. This set of jokes is required for the “That’s All I Got” trophy, as Left Behind and the main game are combined into one.

Play until you reach the merry-go-round with the horses and after you dismount, Ellie will begin telling Riley some jokes. You’ll actually have to press the Triangle button for each individual joke, which amounts to 21 button inputs. After Ellie says she’s putting the book away, you’ll earn the trophy for hearing all jokes in the game.

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