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Where to find all 48 of Ellie's trading cards in The Last of Us Part II

Gotta find 'em all.

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If you're tearing through The Last of Us Part II as Ellie, you might've noticed her penchant for picking up collectible trading cards throughout the world. Each card presumably gives her a small moment of joy and you'll get a trophy for hitting certain milestones. Unless you want to make Ellie very sad, use our list to find all 48 trading cards available in Last of Us 2.


Waking Up

Trading Card #1: Seismicayla – After your jaunt through the greenhouses with Jesse, take a quick left on main street to find a Help Wanted bulletin board with a trading card pinned to it.

Trading Card #2: The Keene Twins – Once you've spoken to Maria in the Tipsy Bison Bar, look around for a dartboard. There will be a trading card sitting on a barrel left of the board.



Trading Card #1: Tesseracter – When you come across an abandoned town and Dina suggests you look for supplies, run past the trailer. On your right, you'll see a house with a large hole in it, as in the screenshot above. Use a nearby car to scale the home to find the card in the closet. If you can't spot it, Dina will find it for you.

Trading Card #2: Laurent Foucault, CEO SPARK – After you've reached the Library, head to the children's section. Left of the entrance, there's a small storage room containing your card.

Seattle Day 1

The Gate

Trading Card #1: Motivator – As you're trotting on with Dina, look out for some abandoned cars next to a bus stop. Once spotted, get off your high horse and grab the card which should be taped on the wall.

Trading Card #2: The Starfire Kids – After passing through the freeway and going under a bridge, there will be a small trailer on the left side of the road. Look inside for a card pinned to the corkboard.

Trading Card #3: Chessmaster – After you've climbed over the FEDRA wall, you'll find a ladder leading further down. Before taking that ladder, look behind you for a second ladder going up that will lead you to a card.

Trading Card #4: Oozer – Now that you're over the wall, you'll be expected to use an electric cord to solve some puzzle, but first fling it over the nearby mobile trailer. You'll find a card atop the trailer.


Trading Card #1: Das Wort – Next to the Synagogue, you'll find a place called Valliant Music shop. Gander around the cash register to find your trading card.

Trading Card #2: Doctor Uckmann – East of the Synagogue, you can find a destroyed building with an intact stairway. Reach the area's top to find your trading card.

Trading Card #3: Flo – You can find this one by the courthouse in the safe located behind Gate West 2. Use code 04-51 to unlock it. (Check out our guide if you need more help with safes.)

Trading Card #4: Big Blue – Enter Ruston Coffee, located north of the courthouse, by breaking the establishment's windows. You'll find the card below the coffee machine in the main room.

Trading Card #5: Know It All – When you're exploring the Seravena Hotel, keep an eye out for room 216. There will be a drawer seated between two beds holding your card.

Eastbrook Elementary

Trading Card #1: Cardio – After narrowly escaping the elementary school, you arrive in an abandoned apartment. Search the nightstand by the bed to find a trading cardio.


Capitol Hill

Trading Card #1: Kinnard, Esq. – Follow the road, you'll eventually stumble on a blue door denoted with the number 3, as in the image above. Look in a drawer adjacent to a grey chair to find the card.

Trading Card #2: Rockafella – Once you reach the motel plaza, a card will be hidden in room number 3. You can't enter it, so go in the open door next to it. Exit that room using the back window and jaunt over to the un-barricaded window for room number 3. The card is by the door.

Trading Card #3: Doctor Stem – After plowing through some WLF baddies, you'll eventually find a bookstore. Head to the furthest back room to find a record player. The card will be next to the player.

Trading Card #4: Sergeant Frost – Down the road from a gas station, you'll find Olive Street Market, a grocery store. There are some infected inside, but once they're clear head to the back to find a trading card in some lockers.

Trading Card #5: Candelabra – After watching an infected get slain by a tripwire, check out the convenience store where they died. There's a poster for the trading card game, Society of Champions. Underneath that poster, you'll find the trading card.

Trading Card #6: Bizarrebra – Traverse the trip-wire ridden street to find a thrift store. You'll find a trading card on the shelf located in the back left.

Channel 13

Trading Card #1: Kimimela – After being traumatized by the horrid hangings, head upstairs. Use a path outside the windows to enter a new room. There will be a trading card waiting for your steady hands on the desk inside.

The Tunnels

Trading Card #1: The Imp – After crawling under the train, you'll find a door illuminated by red light, ignore it! Your trading card is in some nearby trash bags slightly past the door.

Trading Card #2: Dr. Daniela Star – After slaying your first Shambler, you'll head down a tunnel. Look for a storage area on your right. You can enter it via crawling under office desks. You'll find the card on a nearby desk.

Trading Card #3: Bastet –After going through a series of crashed train cars, you'll be asked to climb over a red soda machine. Instead, veer left, going prone under the mud. Once you emerge, look inside the car to find a card in a suitcase

The Theatre

Trading Card #1: Mortem – On the main floor, check out the concession stand. Break the glass cabinet behind the counter. Your card will be located on the bottom.

Trading Card #2: Beyond – After ascending to the second floor, go to the very back. You'll find a few sofas and a stack of boxes. The trading card will be located underneath all this mess.

The Birthday Gift

Trading Card #1: The Nighthawk – Once you've checked out the brachiosaurus and triceratops, look out for some restrooms. The card will be on a bench located ahead of them.

Trading Card #2: Saura – After Joel has boosted you through the window, you'll find a statue of a moose surrounded by wolves. There's a bench nearby with a card hidden underneath it.

Seattle Day 2



Trading Card #1: Wachumero – After leaving the theater area and reach the Hillcrest area, turn around to find a pickup truck stuck in a ditch. Destroy its front window and reach in to get your trading card.

Trading Card #2: Sahir the Sorcerer – A few WLF solders will drive past you in a truck. Instead of following them, turn right. Head to Caroline Paper Co. Inside, you'll find a card within a cardboard box.

Trading Card #3: Naledi the Youthful – After doing a slick dumpster puzzle, you'll land in a bike shop. Look around in the back of the shop to find a corkboard and bicycle close together. The card will be ensnared in the bike's spokes.

Trading Card #4: Brainstorm – After you've been chased by Runners, you'll find a small backyard with hot tub and playhouse. There's a card in the play house's window.

Trading Card #5: Reverb – Following a skirmish with the WLF by rows of homes, look out for home number 1214. Enter it and look upstairs under the bed for your card and definitely not a monster.

Finding Strings

Trading Card #1: The Austinger – When your good pal Joel suggests reaching the music shop using the hotel, look for a small pool of water containing a white car. Your card is waiting in the back seat.

The Seraphites

Trading Card #1: Randy Styles –After starting this area, go into a nearby Quickmart. The shelves by the register will have a card for you.

Trading Card #2: Shift –You'll stumble upon a conference center containing some "Feel Her Love" graffiti. Head upstairs using the elevator shaft. Break the window and an above pane to make room so you can fling a rope over the awning. Use the rope to swing to the next room, finding the card on the couch.

Trading Card #3: Star Sign – There's a white truck in the street, and above it is a breakable window. Inside the home, you can find a trading card in the bedroom in the drawer. There's a safe there as well

Trading Card #4: Arch-Enemy – After jumping down to a greenhouse area, there will be a locked door on your left. Since you can't escape, instead shoot a nearby window and climb through. Your card is in the drawer.

Trading Card #5: Doppelganger – Once you've fled the Seraphites and entered a hotel, head upstairs. You'll find a card close to some children's toys.

Trading Card #6: Bhat M'Andarr – As you're swimming to the hospital, look out for some stairs and a pharmacy on your left. The card will be located on a shelf by the register.

Seattle Day 3

Road to the Aquarium

Trading Card #1: Esquire – You'll wake up in the theater during this chapter. Immediately before you exit through the red curtains, look by some boxes to spot the trading card. It'll be next to a mannequin and a microphone.

Trading Card #2: Tormentra –On your journeys with Jesse, you'll come across a WPL shipping building. Enter it and keep going until you reach the double doors, across from it, there will be a room barricaded by some rusty goods. Crawl under to find your trading card on a computer desk.

Trading Card #3: Tanager –When you and Jesse begin to explore the disheveled bookstore, check out the ground floor shelves to find a trading card.


Trading Card #4: Tatuaje – Ellie has made a choice to steal a boat and you'll have to crawl through some rubble to advance. After you do, walk forward to find a superhero card in a cabinet

The Flooded City

Trading Card #1: Seff-L'ho'phad – Your boat-based aquatic antics have been halted by a gate. Before you raise the gate, turn around to find an entrance to a side room. Inside the room, you'll find a trading card in its natural habitat, a drawer.

Trading Card #2: Khazakh Bright – After defeating a troublesome bloater in the arcade's basement, look around an interactable shutter. Open it to reveal a prize table containing a classic trading card.

Santa Barbara


Pushing Inland

Trading Card #1: CBB-73 – When at the mansion atop the hill, climb to the roof to find a way in using the second floor. Once inside, locate a bedroom to find a white desk with a trading card.

The Resort

Trading Card #1: Sparkthug – After defeating your first big 'ol rattler group of the chapter, head through some french doors by the fence. Inside you'll find a stereo and your last trading card. Was it worth it?

Congrats! Now you have all the trading cards in Last of Us 2. For your next exploit, try finding every safe in the game using our handy guide! There are quite a few to sift through. Or sit with some excitement for the upcoming TLOU 2 multiplayer mode.

Last of Us 2 is now available on PlayStation 4.

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