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How to evolve Kubfu in the Pokémon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor DLC

Here's how the Sword & Shield's new legendary will work.

Kubfu striking a pose as air soars by him in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Pokémon Sword and Shield will soon receive the first update of a two-part expansion Nintendo revealed Thursday during a Direct Mini announcement. By the end of June, the Isle of Armor will be added to the Galar Region giving gamers unexplored terrain to trek through, a fresh set of quests, and new Pokémon to catch and train.

Kubfu is a Fighting-type legendary pocket monster that players will receive as they progress through their training with Master Mustard in the island’s dojo. The bear Pokémon has a unique evolution that will be determined by choices trainers make during the new journey they’ll embark on this summer.

Nintendo explained exactly how to evolve Kubfu into Urshifu, but Kubfu’s evolved form has two different variations that gamers will need to choose between. Here’s what evolving Kubfu in The Pokémon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor DLC will work.

Say hello to Kubfu, your main companion in the Isle of Armor DLC.


How to evolve Kubfu into Urshifu

Unlike other Pokémon that need to reach a certain level or require an item to evolve, Kubfu will only evolve after players complete a gauntlet of Pokémon battles in the Isle of Armor.

After completing the initial training at Master Mustard’s dojo, gamers must choose to enter the Tower of Darkness or Tower of Waters for their next challenge. The Direct specified that players will only be able to enter one of the towers, but did not reveal what challenges lurk inside.

It’s a safe bet to assume that there will be progressively more difficult battles as you work your way upwards. The catch is that players can only use Kubfu for every fight.

The Direct stated that “you and Kubfu must face this challenge alone,” which suggests you won’t have your mainstay Pokémon squad to help you through either tower. Once you manage to conquer one of the towers Kubfu, will evolve into Urshifu.

Urshifu's two forms.


How to get Single-Strike Style and Rapid-Strike Style Urshifu

Urshifu can take on two styles: Single-Strike Style (Fighting-Dark Type) or Rapid-Strike Style (Fighting-Water type).

Your Kubfu will evolve into Single-Strike Style Urshifu if you complete the Tower of Darkness or Rapid-Strike Style if you complete the Tower of Waters. Choose wisely: there’s no going back once you’ve entered one of the towers.

Both legendary evolutions will also come with the unique ability Unseen Fist, which was announced back in January but has yet to be defined.

The Pokémon: Sword and Shield expansion pass is available now on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $30.

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