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Here's exactly how long it takes to beat It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a surprisingly long co-op game, so here’s a look at the chapter list.

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It Takes Two isn’t your average co-op game. The latest title from Hazelight Studios and director Josef Fares is a triumphant platforming adventure with shades of Nintendo and Pixar. It goes more in-depth than many of its peers with inventive mechanics that provide a unique experience for both players. No one is a sidekick.

It’s not short either.

It Takes Two is a surprisingly lengthy game that never seems to run dry on creative ideas. That may come as a surprise to players who expecting a runtime closer to Hazelight’s A Way Out, which clocked in at six hours.

Here’s exactly how long the game will take to beat, as well as the complete list of the chapters.

What is the It Takes Two playtime?

If you and a buddy are planning on playing It Takes Two, carve out a few sessions. The full adventure lasts around 10 to 12 hours total. For context, that’s longer than Fares’ previous two games, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out, combined.

It Takes Two’s runtime is certainly justified. The game is constantly throwing new ideas at players and doesn’t meditate on any single mechanic too long. There’s rarely a dull moment in the adventure, so those hours will breeze by.

It Takes Two chapter list

It Takes Two contains nine chapters in total. That’ll take players through some diverse settings from a snowy mountain to outer space. Here’s every area you’ll explore throughout the adventure.

  • Chapter 1: The Shed
  • Chapter 2: The Tree
  • Chapter 3: The Pillowfort
  • Chapter 4: Space Station
  • Chapter 5: Road to the Magic Castle
  • Chapter 6: Gates of Time
  • Chapter 7: Snowglobe
  • Chapter 8: Garden
  • Chapter 9: The Attic

Each chapter takes around one hour to complete, so make sure to plan your playtime accordingly. It’s only playable with a friend, so you’ll want to get your schedules synced up to get through everything.

Is there more to do in It Takes Two?

Don’t ask Josef Fares this question. In a Q&A session before the game’s launch, the director went off on one of his signature, expletive-filled rants against the concept of “replayability” in games. Fares takes a “no shiny shit” philosophy with It Takes Two, meaning the game doesn’t feature arbitrary collectibles. That 10-12 hour playtime will be consistent for most players.

Cody and May play control a pair of joysticks It Takes Two.


Even with that philosophy, there is still a bit to do after the end credits roll. There are several minigames scattered throughout the nine chapters, which can be played at any time through the game’s main menu. If you’re itching for something to collect, you can replay chapters and seek them all out.

It’s also a game that begs to be replayed. Each character utilizes completely different mechanics that change and evolve throughout the game. Take the opening chapter, for instance. Cody gets a nail gun that can shoot nails into walls while May gets a hammerhead that can swing across them. Since the characters play so differently, it’ll be worth doing a second playthrough as the other character if you’re itching for more.

Otherwise, just enjoy the ride and be thankful you don’t have to coordinate 40 hours of free time between two people.

It Takes Two is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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