Killzone 5 could be a PS5 launch title, job listing hints

Sorry Horizon Zero Dawn fans, Guerilla Games may be working on its multiplayer shooter instead.

Guerrilla Games has been silent ever since its critically acclaimed release of Horizon Zero Dawn. The one-of-a-kind game was so well received that producer Angie Smets essentially confirmed a sequel, and the developer has a myriad of job openings that strongly hint HZD 2 is in the works. However, one listing suggests that Guerrilla might be developing a new installment of their oldest IP instead: Killzone.

The Sony-subsidiary is looking for a Game Server Engineer who will work on “systems like matchmaking, tournaments, clans, and leaderboards. This sparked a flood of speculation this week that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 might feature a new multiplayer experience, but it’s very likely that this position would be a part of aKillzone 5 team.

Don’t worry, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 is almost certainly still happening. But don’t be surprised if a new Killzone is announced first.

Guerrilla recently hired some FPS veterans

Killzone 5 has not been confirmed, but Guerrilla made two big hires in 2018 that suggest it’s putting together an FPS dream team. Simon Larouche joined the company in February of that year after eight years at Ubisoft, where he worked on shooters like Rainbow Six: Siege. Larouche was the Senior Designer for Killzone 2 between 2006 and 2009, so he’d already be familiar with the series.

Guerrilla then hired Chris Lee in October 2018, who worked on Rainbow Six: Siege with Larouche at Ubisoft. Both developers state that they’re working on an “unannounced title” on their Linkedin profiles, which may be a new Killzone to coincide with the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5.

The timing lines up perfectly with the PS5

Guerrilla has released a new Killzone title at the launch of every Sony console since the PS2. Sony revealed the PS5 will hit shelves during the 2020 holiday season, which means sometime between October and December. The most recent installment of the series, Killzone Shadow Fall, came out in 2013. That means Guerrilla has had ample time to plan for its next chapter.

Plus, it seems like Guerrilla will want to focus more on the story and single-player experience of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 rather than try to something completely different, like a big multiplayer component.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 might skip multiplayer

Guerrilla announced the first Horizon Zero Dawn would stay away from multiplayer before it was even released. Back in 2016, executive producer Mark Norris told IGN Latin America that narrative was the team’s number one priority and everything else takes a backseat.

“It is an action RPG with a single player experience,” he said. “I think we’re similar in that way, we want this to be the story of Aloy. Although a multiplayer mode is great and maybe we can think of something for the future, we want Horizon Zero Dawn’s story to be about Aloy and it’s going to be fantastic when you play it.”

During that interview, Norris left glimmer of hope that some kind of multiplayer functionality would eventually make it to the game, but that still hasn’t happened. That also suggests bringing HZD online isn't a priority for the developer.

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 has not been announced but it is anticipated to come out for the PS5… eventually.

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