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You Need to Superimpose Your Honkai: Star Rail Weapons ASAP

Here’s how to do it.

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Honkai: Star Rail has a bunch of complicated leveling systems. One that’s easy to overlook is the superimposition effect levels for your Light Cones. Light Cones are card-like weapons you equip to your characters, which boost critical stats and give you an advantage in battle. Each one has a base level you can raise to make it stronger, and they also have separate superimposition levels.

Superimposition levels don’t just raise attack, defense, or HP. They raise the main stat mentioned in the Light Cone description. This means a boost to stats like Crit DMG and Crit Rate, reduced cooldowns, or even more potent shields and healing.

Here’s how to superimpose your Light Cones in Honkai: Star Rail — and why you should.

Why Superimpose?

Superimposing Light Cones makes them stronger, typically by increasing how much it boosts its main stats. One Light Cone might raise your ATK by 20 percent at superimpose level 1, but raise it by 36 percent when it’s fully leveled. That boost can make a big difference during battle, particularly in the early game, when you’ll have plenty of dupes of three-star weapons to burn.

How to Superimpose (Most) Light Cones

Note the Superimposition Effect level in the upper right hand corner. This three-star Light Cone is about to reach Superimposition level 5, the maximum level.


You can superimpose most Light Cones without any special items. Just click on them from your character profiles or inventory to get started. The funnel-like icon at the top of your inventory indicates where to find all your Light Cones.

Select the Light Cone you want to superimpose and click the Details button. The option to superimpose should be right underneath Level Up. Click the Auto Add button, or one of the plus icons to add a Light Cone to superimpose. You can only superimpose copies of the same Light Cone, so you need multiple of them to max out its superimpose level. This should be easy for three-star Light Cones because of how many you get from pulling on the gacha banners. The highest superimpose level is five.

How to Use Herta’s Superimposer

Thankfully, Herta’s Superimposers cost less Herta Bonds than the actual five-star Light Cones. They are all great free-to-play options and you should put in the effort to get them!


Herta sells three five-star Light Cones in her Simulated Universe shop, and upgrading them is a bit more complicated. You can buy them with Herta Bonds as a reward for participating in her experiments:

  • On the Fall of an Aeon (Destruction)
  • Texture of Memories (Preservation)
  • Cruising in the Stellar Sea (Hunt)

These seem like great free-to-play options for people who aren’t lucky enough to pull for a five-star Light Cone, right? There’s just one problem. You can only claim them once, even though you can superimpose any other Light Cone up to four times. In other words, these particular Light Comes don’t have any copies to superimpose. That’s where Herta’s Superimposer comes in.

You can buy up to twelve Superimposers from Herta’s Shop. These are custom-made items that you can use in place of Light Cone copies to fully level up all three of her five-star Light Cones. Use the same method for superimposing regular Light Cones, except with Superimposers instead of the Light Cone copies.

Should I Superimpose All My Light Cones?

The Roman numerals on each of my Light Cones indicates its Superimposition Effect level. I’m salvaging any three-star ones with an already fully leveled counterpart.


Generally, yes. Five-star Light Cones are where you want to hold off.

Five-star Light Cones are the most valuable Light Cones you could have, and it takes many pulls to even have a chance at getting one. You’re guaranteed a four-star character or Light Cone every ten pulls, but only one five-star weapon or character when you reach higher levels of Honkai: Star Rail’s pity system. That can take up to 70 to 90 pulls to achieve unless you get lucky.

You should generally superimpose your three or four-star Light Cones unless you want to assign them to different characters. Some three-star Light Cones eventually trump four-star ones at higher levels. The only reason you should hold off on superimposing four-star Light Cones is for assigning them to separate characters if you’re short on Light Cones with good abilities.

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