Hitman 3 roadmap video reveals a clever twist on the Dartmoor mission

Some of the game's best missions are getting new Escalations.

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Hitman 3 was a resounding success for IO Interactive as it received positive reviews and made back its production budget in less than a week. While Hitman 3 was technically the ending of the series' latest trilogy, IO Interactive is still supporting the game with new scenarios and missions for players to complete after launch.

This game is at its best when players are simply let loose in its levels to experiment with all of the possible ways to assassinate people. The paid and free updates for Hitman 3 in February 2021 lean into the wackiness that comes with that, with one particular Escalation Mission on the Dartmoor map putting a cheeky twist on the Knives Out-inspired Dartmoor level.

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IO Interactive unveiled the February 2021 roadmap for Hitman 3 on Thursday. The content update released that day sets up a whole new month of missions for players. While some are exclusive to those who bought the game's deluxe edition, many others are just going to be available for free.

One available for free to all players today, February 4, is The Baskerville Barney Escalation. The Dartmoor level in Hitman 3 is a highlight of the whole game thanks to the Knives Out style murder mystery that players can solve during their assassination. This Escalation puts a spin on that, making you murder the whole Carlisle family.

It can't be too obvious who killed them because it wouldn't be a murder mystery then, would it? That's why The Baskerville Barney Escalation tasks players with killing every member of the Carlisle family only through kills that look like accidents. This should be a novel experience for fans of that level and players that like finding all of the weird ways to kill targets in Hitman 3.

That's not the only update though, there's a lot more coming to the game throughout February. IO Interactive has partnered with Kinda Funny and MinnMax to produce lighthearted Featured Contracts for the game's Dartmoor and Dubai maps, respectively.

Outside of that, players who bought the regular version of the game can look forward to The Sinbad Stringent Escalation on the Dubai Map on February 18, a game update on February 23, and the game's first Elusive Target on February 26.

The first limited-time Elusive Target mission will have players assassinate two targets called "The Deceivers" on the game's groundbreaking Mendoza map. If you bought the game's deluxe edition, you have even more to look forward to. On February 23, the Proloff Parable and The Gauchito Antiquity Deluxe Escalations will be added.

The first has players making their way through the train in the Carpathian Mountains as "The White Shadow" only equipped with a white Katana and Sniper Rifle. Meanwhile, The Gauchito Antiquity takes place in Sapienza and tasks players with poisoning all of their targets. Each also comes with new suits and items for Agent 47 to use anywhere in the game.

Even if you've already beaten Hitman 3, you clearly still have a lot to look forward to over the course of this month, whether it be the intense new Escalations or the more lighthearted contracts by MinnMax and Kinda Funny.

Hitman 3 is available now across all major platforms.

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