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Here’s Exactly How Long it Takes to Beat Hi-Fi Rush

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Hi-Fi Rush

Hi-Fi Rush is already one of the most surprising games of 2023, not just because of its shadow-drop release on Xbox Game Pass, but because of its incredible mix of rhythm and action gameplay. With a gorgeous cel-shaded style, Hi-Fi Rush follows the story of a young wannabe rockstar named Chai, who gains the strange power to “feel the beat” in the environment due to a shady experiment conducted by a corporation. Despite the wild mix of gameplay styles, Hi-Fi Rush is pretty comparable to other action games out there. With that in mind, here’s exactly how long you can expect to spend playing Hi-Fi Rush.

How Long Is Hi-Fi Rush?

Hi-Fi Rush has a cast of colorful characters that’ll join Chai.


A single playthrough of Hi-Fi Rush should take you roughly 9-10 hours. This time can vary a little bit depending on what difficulty you play on and how many collectibles you try to find. Each level in Hi-Fi Rush is fairly linear, but there’s a little bit of exploration to find extra Gears to upgrade Chai’s skills, items that boost his health, graffiti to decorate the base, and more.

You can also bump up that playtime depending on how much you choose to do at your home base in between levels. While there you can talk to characters for bits of optional dialogue, and interact with a few collectibles.

How Many Levels Are in Hi-Fi Rush?

Each level ends with a climactic boss battle that uses a licensed track.


Hi-Fi Rush is split into twelve different levels, with each one being themed as a different “track.” You’ll likely notice that these levels have a variety of locked doors and secrets you can’t access yet, and that’s because you’re meant to replay them after beating the game. Once the credits have rolled, you’ll be able to use level select and replay any level you want at any time. Here’s the full list of levels in Hi-Fi Rush.

  • Track 1: A Fresh Start
  • Track 2: Power Up
  • Track 3: Trail by (Volcanic) Fire
  • Track 4: Less Budget, More Problems
  • Track 5: Breakin’ Out
  • Track 6: L.I.F.T. Me Up
  • Track 7: The Climb
  • Track 8: A History Lesson
  • Track 9: Take the Stage
  • Track 10: A Masterplan
  • Track 11: The Needle Drop
  • Track 12: Curate the Future

Does Hi-Fi Rush Have a New Game Plus or Post-Game?

You can go back and play previous levels with all the skills and characters you’ve unlocked.


Hi-Fi Rush doesn’t have an official New Game Plus, but it does have a post-game, of sorts. As we noted earlier, levels are filled with obstacles and secrets you can’t uncover until you unlock more attacks and mechanics. The game encourages you to go back and replay these levels after the credits, and there are even some fun bits of new dialogue, like someone remarking that you haven’t unlocked that character yet and using it during a boss battle is “cheating.”

You can also freely select what difficulty you want to play each level on, and a new cosmetic store lets you spice things up with some fun new costumes.

Hi-Fi Rush is currently available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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