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Here's Exactly How to Get Every New Mount in FFXIV Dawntrail

Cute and cuddly.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail
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A new Final Fantasy XIV expansion means a heaping serving of new mounts to obtain, and the lush jungles and plains of Tural have some cute critters. A good mount can seriously bump up your style in FFXIV, and while most of these can be obtained in-game, there are a couple of exceptions. With how much traveling you’ll be doing in Dawntrail, here’s how to obtain every single mount in the expansion, including the fuzzy alpaca.

How to Get Every New Mount in Dawntrail

Dawntrail’s mounts include a mini version of the steam-powered Alexander boss, Opressor.

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There are 13 new mounts added to FFXIV with Dawntrail, eleven of which can be earned by simply playing the expansion. Here’s how to get each one, sorted alphabetically and not in the order you can obtain them.

How to get the Air-wheeler A0 mount

Purchase this mount from the Air-wheeler Dealer in Solution 9, at coordinates (X:85, Y:13.3). You’ll need a whopping 7,500,000 gil though. Or you can purchase it through the market board if any players are selling.

How to get the Alpaca mount

Reward for beating the Dawntrail main scenario that concludes with the quest “Dawntrail.”

How to get the Ark mount

Currently only obtainable by redeeming a Dawntrail Collector’s Edition code.

How to get the Automatoise mount

Purchase from the Dawn Hunt Vendor in Tuliyollal for 3200 nuts. Coordinates (X:13.9, Y: 13.5). You’ll need to follow the Dawntrail hunt questline for a while before the Automatoise can be purchased.

How to get the Mehwapyarra mount (aka, the Capybara mount)

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Purchase from Uah’shepya in Solution 9, coordinates (X:8.6, Y: 13.4). You’ll need 12 Ttokrrone Scales. These can be obtained from “The Serpentlord Seethes” FATE found in Northern Shaaloani.

How to get the Mountain Zu mount

Currently can only be earned by redeeming codes through FFXIV’s Mountain Dew collaboration.

How to get the Oppressor mount

Reward for the PvP series 6. In order to get this you’ll need to increase your PvP Series Level to 25. Once you’ve done that open your PvP Profile in the Character menu, then select “Series Malmstone” and redeem the reward there.

How to get the Outrunner mount

Reward for getting the “A Life of Adventure VI” achievement. To get this you need to get every battle job to level 100, meaning every DPS, Tank, and Healer class.

How to get the Rroneek mount

Purchase from the Splendors Vendor in Solution 9, coordinates (X: 9.2, Y: 13.3). You’ll need 100 Rroneek Horn Tokens, which can be purchased from a Scrip Exchange with Orange Gathers’ Scrips. Alternatively, you can try buying the mount on the market board.

How to get the Ty’aitya mount

Purchase the mount from Edelina in Mor Dhona, coordinates (X:22.1, Y: 0.5). You’ll need 500 Turali Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers, which are earned through FATEs. You can also try buying this one on the market board.

How to get the Ullr mount

Likely the most time-consuming mount, to get this you need to earn the achievements “Dawn of a New A Game III” and “Dawn of a New S Game III.” To get these you’ll need to slay 2000 A rank and 2000 S Rank marks in Dawntrail regions.

How to get the Wings of Resolve mount

Found as a loot drop in the Everkeep (Extreme) Trial.

How to get the Wings of Ruin mount

Found as a loot drop in the Worqor Lar Dar (Extreme) Trial.

Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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