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Attrition vs. Slayer: 5 key differences in Halo Infinite’s rad new mode

Time to slow down and get strategic.

Halo Infinite

The latest limited-time Halo Infinite event is Cyber Showdown, and it comes with the fan-favorite Attrition mode. This mode turns Slayer on its head, offering a more tactical gameplay experience with a memorable twist.

Since it plays differently from Slayer, you can’t expect to win if you run around aimlessly. Instead, you must play it more slowly, with a chess-like approach for every move you make. But how long do you have to play this new mode and what can you do to come out on top?

Here’s what you need to know about Halo Infinite’s limited-time Attrition mode.

5. It’s a limited-time event

You don’t have long to check out Attrition.


The Cyber Showdown event is live from right now until January 31, 2022. This means you have less than two weeks to enjoy the Attrition mode before it’s removed. Though, in typical Halo fashion, the mode will likely come back again. For now, be sure to check it out because it’s a blast, especially if you’re a fan of tactical modes.

4. It’s a round-based mode

The first team to win two rounds is victorious.


So how does Attrition work? Unlike Slayer, it’s a round-based mode, similar to Oddball, wherein the first team that wins two of the three rounds is victorious. This round-based style can ramp up the competition and tension, with multiple chances to overtake your opponents.

3. It features shared lives across your team

Use each life wisely.


The Attrition mode features a shared lives system. In total, your team shares eight lives that deplete when anyone is eliminated. The first team to run out of lives and become totally eliminated loses, meaning you have to be a bit more deliberate with your decisions on the battlefield.

It also means your participation is much more valuable since being eliminated impacts the team overall. With this in mind, we highly suggest always sticking by your teammates. You’ll inevitably encounter enemy players who like to venture off on their own and if you’re with your squad, those solo Spartans won’t stand a chance.

2. You can revive teammates

Keep an eye out for glowing orbs.


Once a team runs out of lives, a glowing orb will spawn next to where a player is eliminated. This orb can be interacted with by pressing X next to it. Doing so will revive the teammate. This is an invaluable tactic as it can make the difference between winning and losing a match.

1. The mode has its own challenges

Check out the challenges to earn new cosmetics.


The Cyber Showdown event features a new set of challenges that tie to unlockable cosmetics. You’ll need to complete event challenges, which are viewable from the Challenges screen. These are marked by an orange banner. You can only complete a limited number of them each day, but from what we’ve seen, they’re typically straightforward such as eliminating a certain number of Spartans in a match.

These are the cosmetic unlockables you can earn:

  • Expecting Trouble: Rare Stance
  • Electric Bubblegum: Epic Weapon Coating — MA40 Assault Rifle
  • Cross Glitch: Rare Backdrop
  • Brute Rock: Legendary Backdrop
  • Neon Screen: Epic Armor Effect
  • Electric Bubblegum: Epic Armor Coating — Mark VII
  • Kukri: Epic Charm
  • Blackpool: Epic Visor — Mark VII
  • Hunter Blood: Rare AI Color
  • Neon Hawk: Epic Armor Effect

Halo Infinite Attrition is available now.

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