Let it snow

Rumored GTA 6 Project Americas hint promises a "snowstorm of cocaine"

Vice City, here we come.

Two characters dressed up as Santa and Grandma Claus  in GTA'a Snowstorm of Cocaine

With Grand Theft Auto 6 confirmed to be in development, GTA 5 fans have been on the hunt for any Easter eggs that could hint at Rockstar Games’ next-generation crime adventure. Fans recently stumbled upon an in-game website that provides further evidence that GTA 6 will take place in Vice City at the height of the cocaine trade during the 1980s.

A GTA 6 news Twitter account posted a screenshot of a gag website in GTA 5 on May 29 that directly mentions how prominent the drug trade was in Vice City in the 1980s. Hopeful fans took this as further proof of the unconfirmed “Project Americas” leaks, which claimed GTA 6 would put players in the shoes of an up-and-coming drug smuggler in the 1980s. It’s easy to see why fans would jump to that conclusion.

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'GTA 5' spotted an in-game site that they believe teases 'GTA 6' due to its mentions of Vice City and the 1980s cocaine trade.


“The decade gets lost in a glorious debauched snowstorm of cocaine, neon and pastels as everyone seeks to emulate a Vice City Lifestyle,” reads the GTA 5 site.

While this might seem like a guaranteed Project Americas teaser, this site actually predates those rumors by many years.

What is this site about?

GTA 5 is riddled with jokes and parodies of 21st-century culture, including mentions of all-encompassing tech companies and fad diets. The in-game site spotted by fans recently is a part of the (fake) Los Santos effort to legalize medicinal cocaine, an initiative called Proposition 208.

Billboards for Prop 208 can be spotted around Los Santos and players can even buy a t-shirt supporting the fake-cause in GTA Online. The website for the initiative was first spotted all the way back in 2015 so it’s possible that this could be one big coincidence, but Rockstar has a proven track record of teasing its upcoming games within its existing titles.

Prop 208 has been in 'GTA 5' since the very beginning.


The Inverse Analysis — Over the years, the developer has carved out a formidable reputation for hiding hints of its news games in plain sight. Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony mentioned Los Santos, which is where GTA 5 would take place four years later.

Curious gamers posted their theories about what the Los Santos ads could mean for future titles. In retrospect, speculation about Prop 208’s website does look a lot like what fans were doing back before GTA 5 was announced.

Rockstar is known for inserting sly references to popular movies, games, and even its own releases inside missions. So while you could write this off as a tinfoil hat theory, the company has given gamers plenty of reasons to read into seemingly insignificant details for the possibility of future game teases. So this rumor is totally plausible.

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