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A GTA 6 tease may have just emerged in GTA Online

An advertisement for a new vehicle could be setting up the next game.

Rockstar still hasn't officially announced Grand Theft Auto 6. Our only hints about the game come from a 2020 Kotaku report, various leaks and rumors of varying degrees of reliability, and sly comments from developers. Now, fans think that Rockstar has finally teased a GTA 6 reveal in a piece of art advertising a vehicle that was added to the game.

Could this finally be the official Rockstar GTA 6 tease we've all been waiting for, or are fans just looking too deeply into a GTA Online advertisement?

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On January 28, Rockstar Games detailed its weekly update for GTA Online on its website. The first thing the post teases is a new vehicle called the Vetir. Players can now buy this military transport vehicle at Warstock Cache & Carry and use it to transport cargo or up to 10 players.

More importantly, the art that Rockstar games used to promote the vehicle appears to have not only a create a distinct "VI" in how it styles the word "Vetir," in addition to the numbers "7" and "11" as well.

Grand Theft Auto fans have spotted a VI, 7, and 11 in this image.

As those three things can clearly be spotted in the image, fans are wondering if they are intentional and what they mean. The "VI" would clearly refer to GTA 6, and people believe that "7" and "11" could refer to a specific date. As a release that close to a reveal seems unlikely for Rockstar, could GTA 6 finally get revealed on July 11 or November 7 of this year?

Rockstar has not commented on this tease at all, and the official description for the vehicle or anything else in that update refers to or teases GTA 6. As such, this could just wind up being an unfortunate design choice with unintentional consequences on a community eagerly awaiting to hear anything official about GTA 6.

While this possible tease is definitely a bit of a stretch, games have hidden numbers in logos or names before. For example, Resident Evil Village also contained a VIII in its stylized title, highlighting the fact that it's technically Resident Evil 8.

Such a cryptic tease would be a great way to build up interest and speculation about your game ahead of its reveal. If that's the case, the Vetir art has clearly achieved that goal. Still, it's surprising that they'd tease it so early if a reveal isn't coming to July or November of this year.

With the next-generation of video gaming in full swing following the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, 2021 is the perfect time for Rockstar to finally unveil GTA 6. Hopefully, a reveal this year means the game could release in 2022, though Rockstar fans are used to waiting a couple of years after a reveal before actually playing the game.

Is the Vetir actually a GTA 6 tease? Rockstar has been hesitant to reveal more about the future of GTA outside of a next-gen GTA Online port, so we can't say for sure. Still, we won't know for sure until both July 11 and November 7 of this year pass.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is reportedly in development.

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