GTA Superfans Are Demanding the Return of... Tollbooths

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Grand Theft Auto 6 is easily one of the (if not the) most anticipated games currently, and fans no doubt have their wishlists for features they’d like to see implemented. Surprisingly, some fans want to see the return of tollbooths in GTA 6, a feature that was present in GTA IV. Earlier this week, a Reddit thread gained a considerable amount of traction, with a user requesting the return of the seemingly mundane mechanic. However, after reading through the comments and taking in fans’ suggestions, the implementation of tolls in GTA 6 actually seems like a solid idea that would add to the immersion — and fans agree.

Tolls are a minor feature in GTA IV. Players can stop to pay — just like in real life — or blast through the barricade and gain heat from the cops. Players only gain one Wanted Level star for failing to pay, which is easy to lose with a little bit of finesse. If implemented in GTA 6, tolls would be a nice easy source for RP (Reputation Points), as losing a one-star Wanted Level can be done quickly, giving experience points without requiring much effort.

Tolls were a minor feature added to GTA IV. Fans want to see it return in GTA 6.

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“People who like it can [pay] their way through, and people who don't care about it can continue not caring about it and just speed through,” one Redditor said.

Tolls would make GTA 6 more immersive, as well. “Having long lines at the toll, skipping the line when I'm [on] a mission, getting in front of the line, flashing and honking the guy in front of me, and paying the toll really made GTA IV feel a lot more real and convincing for me,” another user said.

Tolls could add to the immersion in GTA 6.

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Funnily enough, some Redditors suggested the implementation of a SunPass (which is what Floridians utilize in real life), allowing players to drive through and get charged, without having to actually stop. Perhaps a SunPass could be unlocked by completing in-game objectives or by finishing specific missions.

“So if there's a toll, let it be one we don't [have to] stop for, and money just automatically comes out,” said one Redditor.

In past GTA games, sections of the open world were typically restricted until you reached a certain point in the story, and tolls could be a way to block players from advancing to restricted areas. Perhaps the tollbooth attendant would stop you from passing until you’ve made enough progress in the story.

As part of the Reddit thread, many users shared their ideas for a potential toll feature in GTA 6. While not everyone agreed that it should be added to the game, a surprising amount of users said they were in favor of the mechanic returning.

GTA 6 is still likely a long way off, as Rockstar hasn’t even officially shown the game in action. It’s possible the game could be ready to ship as early as 2024, with a possible reveal later in 2023. For now, fans can continue sharing theories and wishlists for GTA 6 — maybe Rockstar will implement some of these ideas.

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