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Everything we know about the Great Ace Attorney Collection

A bit different than you remember.

Capcom recently suffered a massive data leak. The breach revealed numerous future plans for the company, including a new Ace Attorney collection for Nintendo Switch and PS4. It supposedly includes the original trilogy and for the first time ever, an English localization of Dai Gyakuten Saiban or The Great Ace Attorney.

Here's everything we know about the collection and The Great Ace Attorney.

When is the Great Ace Attorney Collection release date?

According to a leaked release schedule for upcoming Ace Attorney games, The Great Ace Attorney collection will release in the first quarter of 2021.

The supposed schedule for upcoming Ace Attorney releases.u/ Stealthyfrog

Once development is completed, the staff will aid the development of Ace Attorney 7.

Is there a trailer for the Great Ace Attorney Collection?

No, there isn't a trailer yet, since the game has yet to be announced through official channels. However, the collection will be composed entirely of previously released games. If you've played the original three Ace Attorney games, they're likely no different this time around. The collection also includes the previously Japan-exclusive Great Ace Attorney games. Assuming you haven't played them, this 2015 trailer with fan subtitles should give you a good idea what to expect.

The trailer reveals the game takes place at the turn of the 20th century and offers up a look at the cast f characters. First up is Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, the lead character and an ancestor of Phoenix Wright. Then we meet Susato Mikotoba, the game's heroine.

The trailer shows that the two Japanese civilians travel to England where they meet Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Iris Watson. Together, the quartet solves crimes and puts criminals away using the legal system.

What did the Capcom leaks reveal about the Great Ace Attorney Collection?

According to the leak, the collection will include both the original Ace Attorney trilogy and both Great Ace Attorney titles. One leaked image shows that Sherlock Holmes' name will be altered to Herlock Sholmes in the localization. This is likely due to the aggressively litigious Arthur Conan Doyle estate, which still holds the rights to later Sherlock Holmes stories that show a more emotional side to the sleuth. Enola Holmes ran into a similar issue earlier this year. While the detective's exact arc in the game is currently unknown, it's likely Capcom didn't want to tempt fate and preemptively changed the name.

One leak states the game will receive a full English audio track, meaning English voices for everyone in the game's cast.

We also know how the titles for both games will be translated. The first game, Dai Gyakuten Saiban, will be translated to Great Ace Attorney: Adventures and the second game will be Great Ace Attorney: Resolve. We don't yet know if the characters will be renamed or if the locations will be localized.

Ace Attorney is a heavily localized game. The American release of the series transformed the series from being Japan-based to taking place in an alternate version of Los Angeles, where Japanese culture was heavily integrated into American life.

We don't yet know where Great Ace Attorney's localization will stand.

Where can you enjoy the Great Ace Attorney right now?

If the mention of Herlock Sholmes and your favorite legal drama video game franchise in a single narrative got your excitement revved up, you can head to YouTube to enjoy Great Ace Attorney right now.

Start right here to enjoy the entire first game from start to finish with English subtitles on YouTube. Once you've completed the narrative, the second game is also completely available with English subtitles. Both games were translated by the fan group, Scarlet Study.

The Great Ace Attorney Collection is expected to launch in 2021.

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