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Everything we know about God of War: Ragnarok

Kratos and Atreus will return on the PS5.

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God of War reinvented itself in 2018. The change turned Kratos from the world's greatest screamer to a thoughtful paternal figure. In addition to that, Norse mythology became the series' focus. It worked spectacularly. Now we're all patiently awaiting the next entry into Kratos' latest adventure.

We might not have to wait that much longer, since Sony announced a sequel titled God of War: Ragnarok in September. A new game is just over the horizon.

Here's everything we know about God of War: Ragnarok.

Kratos and Atreus will continue their adventure in 'God of War: Ragnarok.'Sony Santa Monica

When is the God of War: Ragnarok release date?

Santa Monica has revealed a launch window for the game, stating that God of War: Ragnarok will come to PS5 in 2021.

It's possible that Santa Monica has been working on God of War: Ragnarok since the release of the 2018 reboot. The developer was spotted posting multiple job listings as far back as mid-2019, many of which vaguely alluded to the fact that the company was cooking up a new God of War title.

'Ragnarok' will be exclusively released on the PS5 in 2021.Sony Santa Monica

To top it off, Barlog revealed the God of War writing team had an excess of plot points and story ideas it had not included in the 2018 release during an interview with Kotaku. He even stated that the team had enough material for five new games. He later clarified on Twitter that he was exaggerating, but he reassured fans that a follow-up would happen only days after the launch of the reboot.

Barlog seemingly began hinting at God of War: Ragnarok in 2019. In a Twitter thread, the writer spelled out "Ragnarok is coming." The phrase can be found by compiling the first letter of every tweet in the thread. Barlog was hiding it right under our noses.

It's possible that Santa Monica immediately began work on Ragnarok, but expect a late 2021 release date for the upcoming title.

Is there a God of War: Ragnarok trailer?

Yes, there's a very brief teaser trailer. The video simply announced the release date window for the game and didn't show any cinematic or gameplay footage.

Watch the reveal below:

How much will God of War: Ragnarok cost?

God of War: Ragnarok could cost $69.99 when it is launched on the PS5 in 2021.

All of the first-party titles that will launch with the PS5 ( like Demon's Souls and Destruction All Stars) were revealed to cost $70 in PS Blog post following Sony's September 16 next-gen showcase. This suggests all first-party games moving forward will be priced at $70.

Heavy spoilers for God of War ahead.

What is the God of War: Ragnarok story?

Atreus could play an even larger role in 'Ragnarok.'Sony Santa Monica

Kratos battles Baldur, the Norse god of light, one final time at the end of the game. After defeating him, Kratos and Atreus travel to Jotunheim to scatter the ashes of Atreus’ mother, Faye. That’s where they discover that Faye was actually a giant called Laufey, making Atreus half-god and half-giant. We also learn that he has another name: Loki.

As Kratos and Atreus journey back home, Atreus peppers his father with questions about what his true identity could mean and about his mother’s legacy. Kratos deflects most of them, almost perfectly setting the stage for a sequel.

The death of Baldur might have also teased Kratos’ next major challenge in God of War: Ragnarok. The cataclysmic event, also known as the “Twilight of the Gods,” is a prophecy in Norse mythology that is said to bring about the death of many gods.

God of War always plays it fast and loose with mythological lore, but Baldur’s death is commonly the first mark of the coming of Ragnarök. Plus, a secret cut scene at the end of the game shows Thor coming to confront Kratos, suggesting that something big has just been put into action.

Is God of War: Ragnarok a PS5 exclusive?

We don't know the answer to this. Presumably, yes the God of War sequel will be a PS5 exclusive. However, in an interview in November 2020, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan seemingly refused to resign the game as a PS5 exclusive. What this means exactly is unknown. God of War: Ragnarok could be a cross-gen game like Spider-Man: Miles Morales or it could be coming to PC as well. Sony previously released Horizon: Zero Dawn on Steam and could have God of War pegged for another PC attempt.

God of War: Ragnarok will launch in 2021.

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