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7 essential Ghostwire: Tokyo tips the game doesn't tell you

Tips for your Tokyo trip.

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The city streets have become a den of demons and paranormal entities in Ghostwire: Tokyo, forcing you to fight for your life as you explore. While there’s a lengthy main story to follow, a lot of Ghostwire’s content lies in optional side quests and exploration. Because of that, there’s naturally going to be a lot to uncover in the open world, and there are quite a few things the game doesn’t fully explain. It’s generally a good idea to make your way through some of the game’s story so that you’ll have more abilities under your belt before exploring. With that, here are a few tips to get you started on your paranormal journey in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

7. Buy extra Katashiro at Convenience Stores

Buying Katashiro at convenience stores is “spending money to make money.”

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Collecting lost souls is your main way of getting experience and Meika (money) in Ghostwire: Tokyo, but you’ll need to use paper dolls called Katashiro in order to absorb them. You’ll start with ten Katashiro, but once those are full you need to head to a phone booth to transfer the souls. Obviously, you’ll want as many Katashiro as possible so you don’t have to head to a phone booth every ten minutes. The good news is that every convenience store carries Katashiro, and each one has a different stock. It's a good idea to spend money on Katashiro, as they’ll then let you collect more spirits and earn more money.

6. Upgrade your bow early on

Upgrading your bow should be an early focus.

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You’ll first get access to a bow at the beginning of chapter 2, and it’s primarily used to hit enemies from a distance while in stealth. It’s a nice little tool, but it’s actually a good idea to invest in the bow upgrades almost as soon as you get the reason. Near the end of chapter 2, you’ll actually have your powers taken away, for plot reasons. This means you’ll only be able to use your bow, so having an expanded quiver and skills is tremendously useful. You get your powers back before long, but upgrading your bow will only help in the long run.

5. There’s no fall damage

Don’t be afraid to jump around the buildings of Tokyo like a superhero.

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You can explore the rooves of Shibuya by grappling to flying Tengu dotted around the city, letting you find more resources and secrets. While common sense might tell you falling off a skyscraper is bad, you can actually survive a fall from any height in Ghostwire: Tokyo. By holding down the X button you can glide through the air for a short time, but if you miss your jump don’t worry about dying.

4. Sell relics to Nekomata merchants

There are multiple Nekomata merchants, so return to them often as you collect relics.

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You’ll likely stumble upon a few special items called relics early on in Ghostwire, like a Daruma doll or a ghostly knife. While the game doesn’t initially tell you what to do with these, you can actually sell them to certain Nekomata merchants, for quite a bit of Meika as well. These merchants appear on the map as Golden cat heads with an “M,” and each one will pay you for different relics. The good news is that you can instantly fast travel to them as well.

3. Feeding dogs can lead to rewards

Dogs will often run up to you while exploring, wanting food or pets.

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Dog food can be found scattered throughout the world and you can also purchase it at convenience stores. While exploring Tokyo you’ll often run into dogs wandering aimlessly, and you can use spectral vision to read their thoughts. You can give the adorable dogs some food and in return, they’ll lead you to treasure. There’s no way of knowing exactly what you’ll get for feeding a dog but they’ll either lead you to spirits or a relic, or they might even dig up Meika. Make sure you always have some dog food on you when exploring.

2. You can reflect ranged attacks

Practice early on to get the timing right for perfect blocks.

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Blocking is your main form of defense in Ghostwire: Tokyo, and like with many other games you can block at the exact second an enemy attack hits to parry it. What you might not know, however, is that parrying a ranged attack will reflect it back at the enemy. Of course, you’ll need to time it right in order to successfully parry, but it’s a super useful ability to keep in mind when you’re swarmed by ranged enemies.

1. Cleanse corrupted areas from a distance

Corrupted areas will always have an orb as a weak spot.

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In addition to the damaging mist, areas of corruption will stop you from properly exploring the world of Ghostwire. These usually appear as corrupted trees, and by getting close you can destroy the core and cleanse the corruption. It’s much easier, however, to simply do it from a distance. Use your spectral vision to highlight the core, then get the right angle and blast it with your ethereal weaving or an arrow. In addition to simply being easier, this lets you cleanse areas you might not have been able to reach otherwise.

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