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Ghostwire Tokyo After the End guide: How to unlock all 3 quests

Don’t miss out on a piece of Ghostwire’s story.

Ghostwire Tokyo

The world of Ghostwire Tokyo is filled with secrets and stories to uncover, and as you explore there are dozens of side quests that pop up. Many of these sidequests are inspired by Japanese folklore, while some tie directly into the main story. The most important side quests, however, are a trio called “After the End,” which helps shed a bit more light on some of Ghostwire’s characters and later story beats. It is actually possible to miss these quests and get locked out if you don’t complete them before heading to the ending at a certain point. Here’s how to complete all three of the After the End quests in Ghostwire Tokyo.

How to Complete After the End I


After the End I should pop up partway through Chapter 4 after you cleanse Toyoi Shrine. A phone booth just to the Southeast of the shrine will be ringing, and if you answer it Rinko will ask you to investigate a certain area, in order to search for the whereabouts of Erika.

The quest itself is simple from this point. Head to the marker at a park and you should see Erika sitting on a bench with a cat. At this point, you’ll need to use Spectral Vision to get her phantom to appear. Follow it around the area, and eventually, she’ll stop and spawn a few visitors you need to dispatch. Grab the voice recorder after you do so, then head back to the phone booth to report to Rinko.

How to Complete After the End II


After the End II may or may not appear directly after you complete the first, depending on how far into Chapter 4 you’ve progressed. The icon for the quest will pop up just to the West of Shibuya Scramble Crossing, and once again you’ll need to answer a payphone. Rinko will task you with investigating the roof of Shibuya 429. To get up to the roof head to the first alley behind Shibuya 429 and look for a Tengu to grapple up to. Alternatively, you can find a Tengu at any other nearby building and glide over.

On the rooftop, you’ll see a stage with some visitors running around. Defeat them, then turn around and look for a white awning you can use to jump up to the higher level. You’ll see Erika standing at the very edge of a building, and again you’ll need to use Spectral Vision to follow her phantom. This time you’ll need to jump and glide between buildings as she moves. Eventually, you’ll wind up on the roof of the hospital where you’ll need to get rid of some visitors, grab another voice recorder, and report back to Rinko via payphone.

How to Complete After the End III


After the End III likely won’t pop up until near the very end of Chapter 4, once you’ve completed all other main missions and are ready to head out on the motorcycle. This is by far the easiest of all three quests. An icon will pop up to the South of Toyoi shrine, so head over and answer the payphone. Follow the marker and find Erika on a walkway over the highway.

Like with the last two, use Spectral Vision to follow her phantom, which will lead you to a building under a signal tower. Head inside and you’ll arrive in a room filled with water and a few pieces of equipment at the center. Head over and examine everything you can, including the little cat charm on the desk. Once you’ve done that, a horde of visitors will appear for you to battle. Beat everything and then go report to Rinko one last time. Now you’ll get a little more context on both Erika and Rinko’s fate in Ghostwire Tokyo.

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