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Everything we know about Ghost of Tsushima 2

Will Sucker Punch Productions make a direct sequel?

After six years in development, Sucker Punch Productions' Ghost of Tsushima delivered one of Sony's best single-player narratives yet. The Sony exclusive comfortably bested Nintendo's latest Paper Mario in sales. After players wrap up the lengthy narrative, they may find themselves wondering if Sucker Punch might be developing a sequel. Ghost of Tsushima features fun historical elements and amazing duels, but can a potential sequel be even better?

Is Ghost of Tsushima 2 confirmed?

A sequel has yet to be officially announced, and there’s no way to really know if it’ll happen. Ghost of Tsushima is a critical and financial success, so it stands to reason that a sequel of some kind is inevitable.

Sucker Punch’s Infamous game series first launched in 2009. Infamous received one sequel in 2011 and another in 2014. Well, two follow-ups in 2014 if you count both Infamous: Second Son and the spin-off/expansion First Light, which were released six months apart. Ghost of Tsushima was reportedly in development for around six years. Infamous' first title began development while Sly 3 (which was released in 2005) was still in development, so that’s about five years.

Sony / Sucker Punch

These dates tell us that the average initial game in a Sucker Punch IP takes five or six years while a sequel requires a shorter two to three years to develop. For Ghost of Tsushima, this means we could see a sequel by 2023. But the more time that passes without any announcements, the further out a potential release becomes.

Will the first Ghost of Tsushima get DLC?

Although both Infamous 2 and Second Son received expansions, it's possible that Ghost of Tsushima will not. The PS5 is right around the corner, making it difficult to justify continuing to develop for current generations. Though perhaps we can expect a PS5 exclusive standalone, a la Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The other alternative is a next-gen remaster of the game, but that's pure speculation.

What would the story be in Ghost of Tsushima 2?

Major Spoilers for Ghost of Tsushima's ending follow

Ghost of Tsushima concludes with Jin Sakai on the lam, accused of treason by Japan's highest-ranking official, the Shogun. By itself, this doesn't say much for what Ghost of Tsushima 2 might have in store for Japan's newest ronin, but we can get some ideas from history and other narrative threads introduced in some of Ghost of Tsushima's side quests and supporting characters.

First, there's Umugi Cove as run by Lady Sanjo. The Underworld could play a larger role in the sequel as Jin lives his life as a fugitive. For such an important figure, Lady Sanjo received fairly little narrative involvement. Perhaps this means her development will come in the sequel assisting Jin as she plays a role similar to what Lord Shimura or Yuna did in Ghost of Tsushima, guiding the wayward samurai.

Sony / Sucker Punch

At the very least, Lady Sanjo could help Jin to reach mainland Japan. The mainland was mentioned nearly a dozen times in Ghost of Tsushima, which implies that we'll definitely travel there in the sequel. Perhaps this trip will be used so you can personally speak to the Shogun, vying for a pardon.

Along the way, you might be able to garner respect from the larger Japanese populace. The Ghost identity is portrayed in the first game as a speaker for the common Japanese person. Jin might steadily gain influence in the sequel throughout Japan while making headway through the whole country. This would also facilitate returns from Tomoe and Yuna. Both characters headed to the mainland after their stories were finished in Ghost of Tsushima.

Perhaps the final boss could be the Shogun themselves.

Meanwhile, there were other sequel setups in Ghost of Tsushima. After completing Norio the Monk's side questline, he presents himself as having transformed into a bloodthirsty killer. Perhaps this means you find him as a feudal era serial killer in the sequel.

There's also the setup from Khotun Khan for a sequel. Upon being defeated, the Khan mentions that "more will come." This could either set up a second or third game in the Ghost of Tsushima series. According to history, the Mongolians made a second attempt to invade Japan in 1281. The second or third game could portray this invasion, so there are many different directions that future titles can move in.

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