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How to mix the Windbrew drink for Margaret in Genshin Impact

How can you mix a drink?

You can do anything in Genshin Impact. As you enjoy the free-to-play game, you might take on many hats including adventurer, chef, and carpenter. In the latest version 1.4 update, you partake in the Windblume Festival where you run errands for the citizens of Mondstadt. One errand asks you to put on a new hat: mixologist.

You need to help Margaret of the Cat’s Tail tavern mix a new drink, but how do you do that exactly? Here’s what you need to know.

How to complete the Genshin Impact Windbrew quest

Before you can get to the drink-mixing, you’ll have to complete a few tasks:

  • Talk to Margaret. She’ll ask for your assistance gathering ingredients for a new drink. You can help her by either collecting Dandelions or Windwheel Asters. Your next task will change depending on your choice.
  • If you selected Dandelions: Head to Starsnatch Cliff and pick three sets of Fine Dandelion Seeds
  • If you decided to collect Windwheel Asters: Travel to Windrise and gather three special Windwheel Asters
  • When you arrive at either, there will be opponents. Defeat them.
  • Now you can return to Margaret with the ingredients

How to mix the Genshin Impact Windbrew drink

Margaret is the boss at Cat’s Tail.


Now that you’re back to conversing with Margaret, she’ll pass responsibility for actually mixing the drink onto you. Margaret will provide some instructions for the process.

“Start with Sweet Flower,” Margaret will say. “Pour in some milk! Then, for flavor, you toss in some Windwheel Aster and set it aside for a moment. Finally, add some Dandelion Seeds as a finishing touch along with some ice cubes, and you’re done!”

These instructions are unbearably obtuse. Given the numerous steps and menu options, it’s very easy to make a misstep, ruining the drink. For more direction instructions, follow these steps to complete the drink.

  1. Place Sweet Flower in.
  2. Pour milk in.
  3. Place Windwheel Aster in.
  4. Let it sit.
  5. Place Dandelion Seeds in.
  6. Place ice cubes in.

The steps are pretty straightforward for crafting this concoction.


Once you’ve made this brew, take it around Mondstadt so some NPCs can sample the new beverage. After that, you’ll be asked to return to Margaret with the results of your survey. Now, you’ll finally be done with the quest.

What are the Genshin Impact Windbrew quest rewards?

Completing the quest will earn you 20,000 Mora, 20 Primogems, and two Hero's Wit experience books. So the juice here is very much so worth the squeeze.

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