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All 6 Genshin Impact Windblume Festival flower choices, explained

What’s the Windblume?

You’re gonna be a star, kid. I mean a Windblume Star. Genshin Impact version 1.4 features the Windblume Festival event where you celebrate Mondstadt’s Anemo Archon, Barbatos. During the festival’s closing ceremony, one lucky Mondstadtian is named the Windblume Star. That means they get to choose what flower adorns the Barbatos statue in Mondstadt. This year, the Windblume Star is you.

Your flower choice is surprisingly political. Everyone in Mondstadt has an idea of what should or shouldn’t be the Windblume flower placed on the Barbatos statue. So what’s the best flower choice?

What’s the best Genshin Impact Windblume Festival flower choice?

As you speak to Jean for the Windblume Festival quest, “Dream of Wind and Flowers,” you’ll be asked to choose between six flowers: Dandelion, Windwheel Aster, Cecilia, Small Lamp Grass, Sweet Flower, and Wolfhook.

Depending on your choice, you’ll prompt a different response from Paimon.

If you select a Dandelion or Windwheel Aster, Paimon will say: “Ahhh ... throwing your weight behind one of the people's favorites! Windblumes must be (Dandelions or Windwheel Aster) after all!”

If you choose a Cecilia, Paimon will say: “Oh! Same idea as Beatrice, Cecilias for Windblumes. Pretty niche, but not without advocates!”

If you choose a Small Lamp Grass, Paimon will say: “Oh! Same idea as Nimrod, Small Lamp Grass for Windblumes ... A flower to light up the dark!”

A Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact


If you choose a Sweet Flower, Paimon will say: “Oh! Same idea as Sucrose, Sweet Flowers for Windblumes. A flower that has lasted through the ages!”

If you choose a Wolfhook, Paimon will say: “Oh! Same idea as Razor, Wolfhooks for Windblumes. Spiky and tingly!”

The best choice you can make is whatever flower you already have access to. You’ll have to donate one flower of your choice so try to do one that you won’t have to farm. If you don’t have any of the six floral options in your inventory, choose Dandelion. You’ll be able to find Dandelions directly outside Mondstadt’s gate, making them an easy flower to gather.

Is there a wrong flower choice for the Windblume Festival?

There is no wrong choice in this case. There aren’t any rewards that you’ll miss out on if you make a mistake. You won’t be thrown to the wolves if you chose a Cecilia or a Sweet Flower. The politics alluded to by Paimon’s statements like “Cecilias for Windblumes. Pretty niche, but not without advocates,” don’t appear in any capacity.

You’ll basically get the same ending no matter what you do.

Almost all flower choices prompt this response when you interact with them after the cutscene:

“The (flower choice) on the altar sways gently in the breeze ...”

You’ll get a slightly different thought if you chose a Wolfhook:

“The breeze comes, but the Wolfhook on the altar doesn't move at all ... what a tough customer!”

Ultimately, these are cosmetic differences. Be yourself and choose the flower that gives you joy or the one that’s most accessible from your location. You’ll be able to watch it stand proudly at the Barbatos statue for the duration of the Windblume Festival.

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