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6 Places to Find Udumbara Pistils in Genshin Impact

Talk about a full bloom.

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Genshin Impact is the gift that doesn’t stop giving. Genshin Impact version 3.6 introduced a new region in northwest Sumeru called the Girdle of Sands, which the Traveler will need to visit for quests like Nahida’s Act 2 Story Quest. The Pale Fire quest, another quest based in the Girdle of the Sands, tasks the Traveler with activating Fravashi Trees, which can only be done with items called Udumbara Pistils. These pale, purplish buds might not seem like much on their own, but they are the only keys that the game offers for activating Faravashi Trees.

Here’s where to find Udumbara Pistils in Genshin Impact.

How to Collect Udumbara Pistils

Each Udumbara flower location has this heart-shaped mark.


Udumbara Pistils come from Udumbara flowers. There are only six locations in the entire game. Sorush, a companion like the Endora Oceanid pet from a couple of updates ago, helps the player gather the Pistils from the otherwise hidden flowers.

Each Udumbara location is marked with a circle with a glowing heart in it. Once you locate the heart-shaped stamp in the marked locations, switch over to Sorush and travel to the mark. Activate it using Sorush’s powers with E (the flower button on mobile). You have to use this button to freeze the flower in place or it will disappear before you have the chance to collect the Udumbara Pistils. Once you switch back over to your playable character, run up to the Udumbara and interact with it to collect the Pistils.

6 Udumbara Locations in Genshin Impact

All the Udumbara flowers are located nearby the Asipattravana Swamp, a new place within the Girdle of Sands. Don’t worry about spending tons of time hunting down each blossom. Thankfully, the game marks them with a heart-like emblem on the map once you get close enough to the Udumbara. Teleport or travel to the blue location markers in the below photos.

Here’s where to find each of the six Udumbara flowers.

Udumbara Location 1


The first Udumbara location is next to the river in the Asipattravana Swamp. If you’ve already unlocked the south Asipattravana Swamp teleportation point, it’ll be even easier to get there.

Udumbara Location 2


Don’t confuse the second Udumbara location with the first in the above photo. It’s actually another spot nearby the first one. Continue from the first point toward the west until you reach the rock island in the middle of the river (see blue arrow above).

Udumbara Location 3


The third Udumbara location is in between the Hills of Barson and the Asipattravana Swamp. It’s on one of the walls within the shadowy section of the map, just a short drop from the paved trail on the map. The east Asipattravana Swamp marker is the closest fast travel point.

Udumbara Location 4


Teleport to the waypoint above the Asipattravana Swamp label and drop onto the lower-level cliffside below the point. The fourth Udumbara shouldn’t be too far down the cliffside.

Udumbara Location 5


Teleport to the waypoint above the Asippatravana Swamp. Face the direction of the Vourukasha Oasis, which should be easy to spot because of the green glowing tree. Glide down the cliff and turn around. The fifth Udumbara should be on a wall underneath the cliff.

Udumbara Location 6


Teleport to the western Asipattravana Swamp waypoint and travel southeast toward the river. The sixth Udumbara mark should appear on one of the cliffsides beside the paved trail.

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