Genshin Impact's KFC glider collab has 1 major catch

Kentucky Fried Paimon

Few things are more American than KFC. The premiere global fried chicken distributor specifically namechecks the state of Kentucky as part of its name. Despite KFC being a pointedly American brand, the company has begun a collaboration abroad with Genshin Impact.

This became known after an advertisement featuring Diluc and Noelle in worker attire made the rounds online Monday. You'll briefly be able to get KFC-themed wings in Genshin Impact. So when will you be able to get your mitts on the KFC skin to show your fanaticism for the second-best biscuit chain in the USA? The sad news is that despite how delicious this crossover may seem, players in the United States may never be able to taste it. Here's why.

When is the Genshin Impact KFC skin release date?

The Genshin Impact KFC wing skin will be available beginning on March 8, 2021 but seemingly only for players in China.

What is the Genshin Impact KFC skin?

The Genshin Impact KFC skin is a new cosmetic for your in-game glider, featuring the iconic red, white, and black colorways that you see at every KFC. If you get the skin, you'll be able to equip it to any Genshin Impact character, showing your KFC pride every time you glide.

How do you get the Genshin Impact KFC skin?

Noelle and Diluc in their KFC attire.

miHoYo KFC

You can earn the Genshin Impact KFC skin by purchasing a big 'ol bucket of fried chicken from KFC between March 8 and March 21 for 59 RMB. Doing this will reward you with code that can be redeemed in-game that will grant you the crispy KFC wings. Unfortunately, this deal isn't available unless you live in mainland China.

Most players will be unable to get the KFC skin. Even if you can get your hands on a code from the event, it's only redeemable for players on Chinese servers.

It's unknown if this skin will ever come to the United States, but don't get your hopes up. KFC often does anime-styled collaborations with mobile games exclusively for Chinese players.

What other anime collaborations has KFC done?

Believe it or not, KFC regularly collaborates with mobile games with anime stylings in China. They've previously done promotional events with games like Girls Frontline, Arknights, and Identity V. All of these titles have global audiences, but the KFC collaborations are always exclusive to Chinese players. Presumably, this occurs due to licensing deals. KFC's Chinese arm might sign a deal with a Chinese developer to feature a collaboration, but another country's KFC team might consider it a lost cause, so they don't pay for the deal to come to their country.

While a KFC skin is an appealing possibility. At the end of the day, it's a marketing gimmick. Unless the United States' KFC believes Genshin Impact players overlap with their consumer base, there's no way they'll consider importing the collaboration. Like any company, KFC's role changes from country to country. For example, in Japan, ordering KFC on Christmas day is as traditional as exchanging gifts.

Perhaps one day the United States will get its own Genshin Impact fast food collaboration, but for now, it looks like it won't happen any time soon.

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