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Where to find frogs and Luminescent Ore in Genshin Impact

Frogs have never been so essential.

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Genshin Impact find frogs

Genshin Impact 2.6 introduced a new area called the Chasm along with a series of quests under the “Chasm Delvers” questline. All of them involve the exploration of the Chasm mines and the mysteries behind them, including prerequisites needed for the latest Archon Quest, Chapter II: Act IV. One of these quests is called “Heavenly Stone's Debris,” which involves working together with a former Treasure Hunter called Clitopho. Clitopho asks the Traveler to help with gathering materials to blow open a locked area of the map, which requires frogs and Cor Lapis ores.

Here are some answers to the biggest questions related to “Heavenly Stone's Debris,” including how to complete it, where to find frogs, and where to find Luminescent Ore.

Where to find frogs in Genshin Impact for Heavenly Stone's Debris quest

Frogs have been around since the early parts of the game. However, some players might not have found the need to chase after the slippery creatures before now. After all, there’s not much use for them in the game. That changes in the “Heavenly Stone's Debris” quest when Clitopho asks you to help gather ingredients for Special Essential Oils. These oils need both Cor Lapis and frogs to create.

These three locations should help you farm enough frogs to complete the quest. If you need any more help, you can consult extensive videos and lists from other content creators.


Teleport to the Waypoint at the center of the lake south of Springvale.


Teleport to the Waypoint below Springvale in the middle of the lake. This location has about five frogs. Make sure to keep an eye out because they might not stand out immediately because of their blue color.

Qingxu Pool

Qingxu Pool has some enemies and chests that might be of interest to those who haven’t explored Liyue to its fullest.


Teleport to the Waypoint east of Qingxu Pool and then glide down to the water from there. Travel along the edges of the water until you see the little green guys hopping around the area. They appear sporadically around the area, not concentrated in one place.

Lisha, west of Liyue Harbor

Lisha is the entire region left of Liyue Harbor. There’s not one name attached to where this Waypoint frog-farming spot is placed.

Teleport to the Waypoint west of Liyue Harbor and east of Qingxu Pool. Glide down to the river and follow it upstream, where you should find a handful of frogs and fish. Even better if you travel all the way to Qingxu Pool, as it’s also hopping with frogs.

How to use the Lumenstone Adjuvant

Use your Lumenstone Adjuvant to light up your world.


The Traveler receives a Lumenstone Adjuvant early on in the “Chasm Delvers” questline. This upgradeable lamp is essential to exploring further into the Chasm as it alleviates damage from the Chasm’s dark purple miasma and helps with Lumenstone-activated mechanisms in the area. Most importantly, it can be used to purify Oozing Concretions, a.k.a. the toxic purple blobs around the Chasm.

The Traveler and Zhiqiong will be tasked with activating red crystals to proceed further into the Chasm. They won’t work without ridding the area of Concretions first. Make sure you have the Adjuvant equipped and press the respective button to activate it near the Concretions — not the red crystals themselves. If the Adjuvant is at least Level 2, it should work without a hitch. Charge between uses to make sure you have enough to cleanse the entire area.

Where to find Luminescent Ore for Heavenly Stone's Debris quest

Upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant to get through the Chasm and earn rewards, including Fates.


Lumenspars and Luminescent Ores are the main upgrade materials that the Adjuvant needs to reach max level (Level 10). Lumenspars, which are marked on your map, should be easy enough to find. There are a couple of them in every room, and they stand out thanks to their bright blue glow. However, Luminescent Ores are much harder to find.

Luminescent Ore #1

You first need a Luminescent Ore for upgrading the Adjuvant from Level 1 to Level 2. You won’t be able to complete the “Heavenly Stone's Debris” quest without reaching Level 2. Thankfully, the first Luminescent Ore should find you. You receive a Luminescent Ore as a reward for completing the “Chasm Spelunkers” quest, which is the prerequisite for “Heavenly Stone's Debris.”

Luminescent Ore #2

I spy with my little eye a Lumenstone Ore.


The second Luminescent Ore, which you need to upgrade your Adjuvant to Level 5, is one of the rewards for finishing the Heavenly Stone’s Debris quest. After you’re done speaking with Zhiqiong at the end, it should appear to the left as a pale blue stone with a golden light shining out of it. Another Luminescent Ore will appear later on in the Chasm. However, you won’t need it until later on in the “Chasm Delvers” questline.

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